Franklin Drilon opens the Joint session of the Senate and 16th Congress

“We must become the change we wish to see in the world” – Franklin Drilon

Inspired by words of Mahatma Gandhi, Senate President Franklin Drilon aims to “renew” the people’s faith and set Senate as a paradigm of good governance and public accountability.

In Franklin Drilon’s speech on the opening of the joint session of the Senate and 16th Congress, he stresses that “in spite of the political commotion and reckless assaults the Senate faces, we should continue to weave dreams for the country.”

Franklin Drilon says he seeks to have a Senate that will be accessible to the people, guarding and performing with enthusiasm the constitutional power bestowed upon them.The Senate President also requests his fellow senators to set aside the 2016 elections and work hand in hand for the rebirth of the Senate.


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