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Today, August 13, 2014

In the headlines on MediaWatch…

DLSU-D University Student Council president Chantelle Flores confirms resignations of some officials in an exclusive interview with Green FM News Reporter Denzel Almanzor:

“Ang pinakamahirap gawin bilang estudyante at bilang student leader ay paano mo iba-balance yung mga bagay-bagay. So most probably, pare-parehas lang tayo ng reasons. Kapag pagod na pagod na at feeling nila hindi na kaya at feeling nila nada-down sila sa sarili nila at feeling nila walang nangyayaring tama, siguro dun na pumapasok yung reasons na , Ay mag-resign na lang kaya ako.”

Flores maintains that despite the resignations, the council is able to continue its service to the student body.


The College of Liberal Arts and Communication Student Council faces a similar situation as some of their elected officials resign, in a report by Green FM News Reporter Ralfh Labitag.


DLSU-D students who face difficulty in paying their tuition fees on time will be meted payment surcharges as the university implements a new penalty scheme for delayed payments. Green FM News Reporter Clarizz Elbo reports that the additional fee assessment is based on the percentage of the remaining unpaid tuition fees. The surcharge applies on the student’s tuition fee right after the first day of Midterm Examinations which falls on September 1 this year. Surcharges will range from 3% to 6% within a span of 30 days, up to 9% for succeeding 30 days.


The College of Education Student Council campaigns for the Shoe Box Project, a donation drive for school supplies to be placed in a shoe box and given to orphanages and neighboring communities. With reports from Green FM News Reporter Angelique Gesell.


DLSU-D college faculty are now teaching at the newly opened DLSU-High School. Green FM News Reporter interviewed High School Department Director Yolanda Del Rosario on the qualifications of high school faculty:

“They should have the basic education background. They should be LET passers, the licensure examinations for teachers… all our faculty members are LET passers and all are aligned with their specialization, aside from their past experience in education.”


About 1% of the 14,000 DLSU-D students actually go to the daily mass at the University Chapel. This figure is the assessment of Director Gil Ellema of the Campus Ministry Office during an interview with Green FM Reporter Mayi Castellano.


All these and more on MediaWatch today at 2:00PM anchored by Aurora Quadra-Balibay and Ghessa Toldoya.


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