winners Accounting Category
Winners in 7th Crossroad Ads Award in Accounting category

Almen Aviane Solis, COM31 [3rd Runner-up]

Ma. Novica Dela Peña, COM43 [2nd Runner-up]

Aaron Joefri Saguin, COM31 [1st Runner-up]

“Set the Date for Rebate instead of Due Date” Nico Lloyd Cayago, COM42 [Winner]

winners SWAFO Category
Winners in 7th Crossroads Ad Awards in SWAFO category

Morgan Lanuza, COM33 [3rd Runner-up]

Claralyn Hapin, COM33 [2nd Runner-up]

Nica Veron Nimeno, COM31 [1st Runner-up]

“Ang Displinadong Lasalyano, Kasangga ang SWAFO” Maria Majella Ramilo, COM32 [Winner]


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