Mediawatch, November 24

DLSU-D, CJIST Students back from Korea

Students who joined the Communication and Journalism International Study Tour came back from Korea last November 21, 2014. Jasmine Gonzales, Broadcast Journalism student, shares her International Study tour experience.

DLSU-D, Opening of University Christmas Bazaar today, November 24, 2014

DLSU-D community members sample the offerings at the University Bazaar
CJD faculty Nornelyn Cachuela patronizes products at the University Bazaar at the Gate 1 Parking Lots

The DLSU-D Annual Christmas Bazaar opens today. The Bazaar offers food, clothes and other goodies to students, faculty and outsiders as it opens today at the parking lots of the East Campus beside Gate 1. The Christmas Bazaar will be open until December 17, 2014.

DLSU-D, Today is Meatless Monday.

In celebration of the National Environmental Awareness Month, selected food stores at the University Food Square will only serve fish and a little bit of meat.The Eco-Challenge event serves as an eco-challenge to the Lasallian Community.

DLSU-D, Communication and Journalism Department (CJD) prepares for the commemoration of the Maguindanao Massacre.

The university commemoration of the Maguindanao Massacre will be held later, 5:00PM at the JFH Grounds led by the CJD. Members of the DLSU-D community are enjoined to participate.

DLSU-D, Faculty insights about the DLSU-D Annual Christmas Bazaar

“Having the Bazaar here at DLSU-D is an exciting event…. First of all, yung sa time, you don’t have to go to the mall. ‘Yun yung pinaka-advantage.” Ms. Jaqui Torres, Media Relations of the Marketing Communications Office stated and as she hopes to have more products for the kids.

DLSU-D, Organic Fair in DLSU-D from November 24-28, 2014

The 5-day organic fair hosted by the Environmental Resource Management Center (ERMAC) will be featuring a series of events such as the Eco-Challenge Week, Eco-Film Showing, Project ICON, Wellness Booth/Bazaar and Selfie Wall.

Meet-less Friday in DLSU-D!

To continue the challenge to reduce electrical consumption at DLSU-D, the ERMAC and the university will hold its very own Meet-less Friday on November 28 where meetings are discouraged.

DLSU-D, WiFi-less Day Wednesday

The University’s Information and Communications Technology Center (ICTC) in collaboration with ERMAC will hold Wednesday, November 26, as its Wifi-less day from 12:00 noon to 1:00 PM. The Eco Challenge day is being extensively promoted to avoid any misinformation about the day and to help the students finish their tasks needing internet connection here at the university in advance.

DLSU-D, ERMAC Activities for the week November 24-28, 2014


DLSU-D, Krispy Kreme gives free donuts to student achievers!

Three original glazed donuts will  be given for free by Krispy Kreme SM Dasmarinas branch to all the student achievers of DLSU-D students who have a GPA of 3.25-4.00 (90%-100%) starting the 2nd semester of SY 2013-2014 until 2nd Semester of SY 2014-2015. The University registrar will release their list of qualified students from 2nd Semester SY 2013-2014 this week.

DLSU-D, Kariton ni Kristong Hari

The Kariton ni Kristong Hari parade led by the Campus Ministry Office (CMO) later at 1:00 PM will proceed from the University Chapel to the JFH and CTHM grounds to the West campus and back to the chapel. The parade will feature the images of Christ. CMO Director Gil Ellema encourages the entire DLSU-D Community to participate.


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