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Listen now with Ms. Angie, Abraham with Christa and Kaye of COM41 talking about the good news.

Philippines as Best Destination of the Year

Southeast Asian country flourish  for the national recognition, Philippines won the award because it exerted pro active things. Best and brightest in Asia for travel industry.

According to Mr. Dulay of COM22, it shows that Philippines is a great country to visit in terms of food and people. It shows that the Department of Tourism is giving to attention to improve

It’s Still More Fun in 2015

The Philippines’ Department of Tourism’s campaign “IT’S MORE FUN IN THE PHILIPPINES” seems to be working wonders.

Philippines Tigbao hanging bridge in Bohol was dubbed as one of the most wonderful footbridges in the world.

According to Department of Tourism, the campaign for is to know the Philippines all over the world. Accomplishment for the Philippines will be known by the whole world because of our tourist spots.

Philippines as one of the top ten country to be visited next year.

E-Jeepneys for Tacloban

Electric Jeepneys are now being used in our cities in the Philippines especially in Tacloban. It serves as a good start for them after the calamity they experienced a year ago. This intends to help the people in Tacloban towards the betterment of the city. According to Mica, electric jeepneys are great invesment for our country because it is very friendly to our environment.

Project for Typhoon Yolanda Victims

Minnie Francia  and her daughter Ella Francia with coordination with the local artists in Cebu, came up with a project for typhoon Yolanda victims. The project called “Maria’s Colorful Banca”.

Rachel Ann Go Awarded in Miss Saigon

Rachel Ann Go won as best featured actress. and best in musical director.

“I’m so proud of the Philippines, knowing that Ms. Lea Salonga won as Ms. Saigon years ago and Rachel Ann Go awarded in Miss Saigon. –Angela Zulueta JOU

Kim Chiu to Portray as Disney Princess, Mulan

Filipina actress Kim Chui has been picked to play the role of the popular disney princess, Mulan. Walt Disney Southeast Asia confirmed that Kim Chiu will be a part of the upcoming project.Star Magic Philippines made the first announcement via instagram account posting a picture of Kim chiu in Mulan costume.

“Si Kim Chiu kasi chinita princess, diba may palabas siya dati na Binondo girl, kaya siya nakikita ko na maganda para sa Mulan”– added by Alvir Burgos of

Cebu as the world’s largest zumba class over India.

Provin Patel of Guinness world record announced that Cebu is the newest and largest zumba class in the world. There are about 8,232 people all over Visayas who participated which beats more than 6,600 of India in year 2012. The event was headed by Zumba Instructors Net (ZIN).

FIL-AM Wins 1st Global Denim Awards in Amsterdam

“We are Filpinos. The imaginative and creative mind made us Filipino standout, this is something we should be proud of.”



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