Pope Francis in PH DAY 3 Tacloban Mass


(10:58) Pope Francis blessed a child from the Taclobanon crowd during his motorcade.

pope movile

(10:51) Pope Francis begins his motorcade on board the pope mobile. He’s on his way to the residence of the Archbishop of Palo, Leyte and will be having his lunch with the poor and survivors of typhoon Yolanda.

(10:46) An estimate number of 58,000 pilgrims attended the Holy Mass of Pope Francis in Tacloban.


(10:38) The Holy Mass of Pope Francis has ended. Despite the nonstop rain and strong winds, the people of Tacloban participated actively in the Holy Mass.

(10:37) The concluding rites has begun.

(10:32) – “We are on Yolanda Ground Zero, in this very place where we are standing on that faithful day of November 8, 2013. Many bodies were even washed from shore on the other side of City. The suffering of our people, defied imagination, yet i the midst of pain and suffering, it was our Christian faith that helped through”

“Our deep appreiciation for your presence most holy father, you come in spite of this weather. We could hardly express our thanksgiving to you”

“Your presence inspires us to give praise to God.”

“Our Holiness, you have come for us with the Father’s compassion and loving concern.”

“May your humble presence among the poor and among us here who have suffered the typhoon may lead us in God’s mercy and love.”

“Jesus will not let us down. Thank you very much for coming. You have just experienced the realidad of our life here” – Archbishop John Du

(10:30) –  Archbishop John Du delivers his words of gratitude

eucha 3

(10:26) – “Thank you Lord, for being here today with us. Thank you Lord for sharing in our pain. Thank you Lord, for giving us this opportunity. Thank you Lord, for you great mercy. Thank you Lord, because you wished to be one of us. Thank you Lord, beccause you are always near to us. Even in the moments of the cross. Thank you Lord, for giving us hope. Lord, may hope never be robbed from us.”

“Thank you Lord for in the moments of greatest darkness of your life in the cross. you remembered us and you left us a mother, your mother.”

Thank you Lord for not leaving us as orphans.  – Pope Francis

communion rite

(10:21) – The choir has started singing Kordero ng Diyos.

(10:20) – The Taclobanons gave each other the Sign of Peace.

(10:16) – Pope Francis begins the Communion Rites with choir and the crowd held hands while singing the Lord’s prayer in Visayan dialect.

(10:08) Pope Francis delivers the Eucharistic prayer.

(10:02) – Liturgy of the Eucharist

(9:58) – Some parts of the Prayers of the Faithful are read in Bisayan dialect.

prayer of the faithful

(9:57) –  Prayers of the faithful: “Lord, hear our prayer.”


(9:56) – Pope Francis ended his Homily.

“We are not alone, We also have many brothers. Through in this moments of catastrophe came to help you. Because of this, we feel more like brothers and sisters because we help each other.” – Pope Francis

“Let us know that we have our mother mary, and our great brother Jesus. We are not alone. Please know that Jesus never lets you down.” – Pope Francis

“In silence, say to the Mother (mama Mary) what you feel in your hearts.” – Pope Francis

“In the moments that we have so much pain that we don’t understand anything, all we can do is grab her hand firmly. And say, mom as your child does to her mother when he/she feels fear. It is perhaps that only words we can say in such difficult times/ “Mother, Mom” – Pope Francis

“We have A Lord who is capable of crying with us.” – Pope Francis


(9:47) –  Pilgrims in Tacloban became emotional as the pope deliver his Homily.

“The Lord in the cross is there for you. Therefore, He’s capable of understanding us. As we heard in the first reading.That is why we have a Lord who is capable of crying with us, capable of walkling with us, in the most difficult moments of our lives.” -Pope Francis

“When I saw from home what the catastrophe did, I felt that I have to be here and in those very days, I decided to be here. I’m here to be with you”. -Pope Francis

“Jesus has been there before us, in his passion he assumed all our pain.” – Pope Francis

“If we find ourselves here 14 months precisely after typhoon Yolanda hit, it is because Jesus lives among us” -Pope Francis

“Jesus is like us. Jesus lived like us. Except sin. Because He is not a sinner.” – Pope Francis

(9:40) – Pope Francis will deliver his homily in  his native language Spanish and will have it translated in English

(9:37) – Gospel (Mark 2:13-17) “I did not come to call the righteous but sinners”

(9:34) – Psalm 19:8, 9, 10, 15 “Your words, Lord are spirit and life”

(9:31) –  First reading translated into Waray (Heb. 4:12-16) “The word of God is living and effective, sharper than a two-ended sword, penetrating soul and spirit”

(9:23) Pope Francis mass at Tacloban airport begins earlier than scheduled.


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