Vigilant Broadcasting on Media Watch

The COM 42 Broadcast Journalism Production Class for Media Watch
The COM 42 Broadcast Journalism Production Class for Media Watch

(12:01 PM) – Ms. Lejano says Filipinos should use the social media to create other forms of protest.

(11:56 AM) – “PNoy should empathize further with the Filipino people. As a public official, he should know the psychological play of the Filipinos. He’s saying that his father died for the country, but Filipinos could not feel the emotions from the president. Although in defense of the president, we have too much expectation from him. There are always groups clamoring for his resignation. Hindi na ba kayo nahihiya na lagi na lang ganito tayo. Let’s not try to put malice in everything that the president does” – Ms. Lejano, CJD faculty and online editor/writer on today’s Media Watch Commentary

(11:53 AM) – Ms. Lejano says social media networks should not be used to share verbal violence.

(11:50 AM) – Ms. Lejano shares that there is no problem in using the internet to protest by using blog, Twitter, Facebook, and other social media sites. However, she says that hacking a government website might be a facade by people who have interests in running for a political position in the upcoming 2016 Philippine elections.

(11:45 AM) – “Doing a means just to reach an end is not going to justify anything. It’s like repaying evil with evil. Their aim was to achieve justice, but was it achieved or did it just create a reflection of the chaotic government that we have? Hacking the government websites shows a lack of respect. What makes them different to the rebel groups in Mindanao? If you have a government website – 20 government websites – it would seem that they would want to stir the conscience of the highest of the land but they would just want to anger the Filipino citizens. It’s not the right way to reach the goal that they have and to think they would not want to claim full responsibility and they are hiding under a facade. It’s like pointing one finger but your other forefingers are pointing back at you. It’s not a reflection of their capacity to hack a website or not or the anger that was stirred up to them because they sympathize with the dead. Sometimes, I think MILF and BIFF might have done this because they know how regular Filipinos would react.” – Ms. Beulah Joy Lejano, CJD Faculty and online editor/writer on today’s Media Watch Commentary.

(11:43 AM) – Anonymous Philippines hacked 20 government websites as a protest to President Benigno Aquino III’s missteps regarding the Mamasapano encounter.

(11:42 AM) – Ms. Aurora Quadra-Balibay discusses the recent hacking attack of ‘hacktivist’ group Anonymous Philippines against government websites with Communication and Journalism Department faculty and online editor and writer, Ms. Beulah Joy Lejano.


(11:33 AM) – Naver Corporation launches Cheap for Sure, an online grocery mobile app. Based on research, the number of smartphone users continue to increase. The mobile app aims to sell basic necessities such as noodles, coffee, and bread to Thai citizens.

(11:32 AM) – Chinese reporter uses a collapsible smart phone pole or selfie stick for her live report. (Charmaine Calixtro)

(11:31 AM) – Pope Francis uses Google Hangout to talk to five children from all over the world. The January 5, 2015 online chat was the second Google Hangout with Pope Francis  after the first chat in September.

(11:30 AM) – ICTC launches research portal. The University Portal is a website where students can get suggestions about possible research topics and check the status of their research studies.

(11:29 AM) – Google Translate app can now translate letters taken from pictures or snapchats. The improved Google Translate app can also be used offline. The said update can now be used by Android and iOs users.

(11:26 AM) – Twitter now serves as an advertising network. Aside from being a social network, Twitter sells ads to Flipboard and Yahoo Japan

(11:24 AM) – Google now serves not only as a search engine, but also as a marketing platform.(Jam Sarmiento)

(11:21 AM) – DLSU-D launches information drive about the Lasallian Festival scheduled on Feb. 16-21. (Rose Manalili)

(11:12 AM) – DLSU-D schoolbook can now be accessed through a mobile appication. ICTC launched the mobile app to provide students easier access to schoolbook.

(11:11 AM) – DLSU-D Stallions join Shell Eco Marathon Communication competition.(Fae Bartosis)

(11:20 AM) – Malware virus spreads online through Facebook and flash player updates. The fake flash player update uploads pornographic material to the infected user’s computer. (Benedict Odina)

(11:18 AM) – Cavite residents launch a signature campaign to stop Clash of Clans. The campaign was spearheaded by concerned parents and to stop COC gaming. The signature campaign currently has 500,000 signatures to date.

(11:17 AM) – Eat Bulaga launched their own mobile app last January 23, 2015 to celebrate their 35th anniversary. The Eat Bulaga mobile app is the first mobile app created for a noontime show.

(11:15 AM) – “Digital Marketing is the future.” – Kristel Gonzales

(11:15 AM) – DLSU-D Advertising students attend WTF Digital? a Digital Marketing symposium where guest speakers from media agencies share their knowledge about digital marketing.

(11:07 AM) – DLSU-D attends Pinoy Media Congress at St. Paul University Manila. Known media personalities such as Jay Reyes, Marlo Katigbac, and Atom Araullo shared their knowledge about the industry (Via Gonzales)

(11:06 AM) – The number of Facebook users decrease as users transfer to other social networking sites such as Instagram and MySpace. (Pauline Marie Yago)

(11:05) – The Philippines is now considered as the global call center of the world, beating India for the tag.

(11:00 AM) – A group of hackers attacked government websites to ask justice for the Fallen44. The hacking was done in protest against President Benigno Aquino III’s  absence at the arrival honors at Villamor Airbase.



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