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It’s a wrap! The First Edition of @ 95.9 Green FM wraps up for the day. Catch us on the next edition of the show, Mondays at 345PM.

Certified Positive founding team Beatrice Tesoro and Sarah Olicia with inspirational guru Cornel Bongco on the First Edition of @ 95.9 Green FM
First Edition guests with anchors Angie Quadra-Balibay and Abraham Tayao
Field reporters, the radio and television studio teams, the web and social media team of the COM41 Broadcast Journalism production class with the guests and anchors



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(5:26 PM) Mr. Bongco challenges universities on what their business is really about “It is not education because it does not matter what you teach them. But produce successful students, people will flock to them. If universities don’t realize that, the way they plan and implement will be off.”

Leadership and Marketing guru Cornel Bongco on @ 95.9 Green FM
Leadership and Marketing guru Cornel Bongco on @ 95.9 Green FM

(5:25 PM) Mr. Bongco: “We have to train people to be white wolves, to institutionalize everything. We have a complaint desk, but we have no appreciation desk. If we adopt it as a principle, which main goal is to appreciate the positive within, everyone would be excellent within.”


(5:22 PM) Ms. Balibay poses the question whether there is space for good news in the media. All guests agree.

Ms. Bea said, “Seed sown in goodness will bear better fruits. Good news is the news.”



(5:19 PM) “Many people, when invited to listen before a Filipino speaker usually ignore the Pinoy compared to if the speaker is foreign,” Cornel Bongco asks why. According to him, the uniqueness of the Banaue Rice Terraces is unique among Filipinos that mean Filipinos can.


(5:18 PM) The Unique Leadership series of Cornel Bongco aim to inspire.

(5:16 PM) Cornel Bongco calls the Certified Planner, a “miracle with pages.”

Beatrice Tesoro responds by saying, “We should be advocates of books, and should not be app-dependents.”


(5:14 PM) Certified Positive gathers positive responses from the public, evident in their Instagram where people comment about how positivity influenced their outlook in life. The planner has 365 inspirational quotes from everyday people, an advocacy telling us that all of us have nice and inspirational words to say.

“We in Certified Positive, we make sure we feature Filipino people. We know the Filipinos’ stories are something to be totally proud of. And we should support our own and at the same time be so proud that we have enormous talent in the Philippines.” – Beatrice Tesoro


(5:13 PM) On life visions, Cornel Bongco says, “I hope to be one who has reached the world with inspiration from the the Philippines to transform even their own organizations. We have a lot to share. And the Philippines has a lot of ancient wisdom that when we uncover will be our gift to the world.”

Cornel Bongco shares that Bea Tesoro is Salud Tesoro’s granddaughter, the “Mother of Handicraft in the Philippines.”

(5:11 PM) Sarah Olicia says her positive story of the day is being on radio, her first time being in a live radio show.

On what keeps her motivated, Sarah says, “It’s really God. The Positivity is found in Christ alone…We’re doing all these things all for the Lord.”

“When you are a wretched soul like me, and you’ve received forgiveness and you know that source is unending, you would be positive and you can’t go wrong,” adds Bongco.


Cornel Bongco talked about being positive about each new day, innovating every single day, celebrating everyday and went on to share secrets we can get from our Philippine national anthem about leadership. He said it is in the word “silanganan” that significantly means that there is tomorrow to look forward to, “seeing things in a different light,” the Significantologist way. When people see it his way, their views are transformed as the Transformentor mentors them to make their lives significant.


(5:08) Beatrice Tesoro shares her positive story of the day as Certified Positive recently partnered for a youth event for the February 14 Lovestruck Convergence at the Cuneta Astrodome, promoting the Certified Positive Book Planner on a Love-discount rate, in partnership with PCBS. Lovestruck will feature all about love, especially “biblical love.”


(5:05 PM) Green FM starts the week with good vibes! The first GoodNewsInterviews are people who inspired and made strides with their lives by staying positive and providing inspirational stories for the world to share. Live in the studio are Beatrice Tesoro, a proud alumna of DLSU, with Certified Positive co -founder Sarah Olicia. We also have Cornel Bongco, an inspirational speaker in leadership and marketing. the Siginificantologist, the Unlearning Chief, and the Gospel yoyo man. Joining the show live via Skype from Singapore will be triumphant international broadcast journalist Rico Hizon.

First Edition guests in the Green FM studios
First Edition guests in the Green FM studios


(4:55 PM) De La Salle Health Sciences Institute and De La Salle University Medical Clinic will be hosting COLORUN Craze 2015: Run To Help, Help For Fun on February 15, 2015.This fund-raising event will be for the benefit of DLS-UMC charity patients. Organized by Leadpack, it will be the first ever COLORUN Marathon held here in Dasmariñas, Cavite. The race is open to the public, with distances ranging from 1Km, 3Km and 5Km. Different registration sites are available at Toby’s Sports in SM City Dasmariñas, DLSU-D Council of Student Organizations, DLSU-D University Student Council, De La Salle Health Sciences Institute and De La Salle University Medical Clinic. For online registration, visit (Ara Magpantay)

(4:53 PM) The Human Resource Department-Faculty Services of De La Salle University-Dasmariñas will hold its annual Faculty Recognition on February 20, 2015. All full-time and part-time faculty of the university are expected to attend this anticipated activity of the year which will have a theme or attire of Philippine regional costumes. According to Prof. Severino M. Perez, a full-time faculty teacher of Languages and Literature Department, the Faculty Recognition is an annual celebration primarily to give appreciation, commendation to all faculty members in the university and also to give importance of their hard work in teaching students.

(4:50 PM)  De La Salle University- Dasmarinas College Of Engineering Architecture And Technology (CEAT) students Hexina Madolid and Glen Andrew Tadeo placed 1st and 5th respectively in the Engineering Student Talent Award 2015 held on February 7, 2015 at Rajamangala University of Technology in Thanyaburi, Thailand.  The said event was organized by the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT). According to Engr. Conrado Monzon, CEAT Associate Dean and team coach, they started their weekly training last October. They screened all applicants through a written exam and chose the top 2 scorers as representatives. (Elyssa dela Cruz)

(4:47 PM)  The Information and Communication Technology Center of De La Salle University-Dasmarinas celebrated its annual ICT week focusing on the DLSU-D high school students instead of the previous practice of offering activities to college student participants. Using the hastags #Dream, #Develop, #Deploy “Integrating Green Ideas for Sustainable IT Solutions” theme. The ICT week was sponsored by Microsoft and Acer. The celebration marked the release of the new DLSU-D portal design, featured a talk and free installation of the newly released Microsoft office 365 for students and faculty members, and a culminating activity of tree planting in partnership with ERMAC at Lian, Batangas.The celebration aims to promote green and eco-friendly practices while developing new ideas and technology. (Kaisy Cabula)

(4:45 PM) ADSPEAK is an annual advertising competition for students coming from different schools. The competition aims to combine the new generation advertising with traditional Filipino values.  This year’s ADSPEAK theme is “Values Power Up.” Students can submit an entry in five different categories TV commercial, radio commercial, print, campaign and the newly added branded communication. With the senior advertising course trackers in the AB communication course, DLSU-D is hoping for the best results in this competition. There are more 300 entries from other participating schools in Metro Manila and CALABARZON region.

(4:42 PM) A paperless pay slips policy will be implemented in DLSU-D. As proposed by Belinda c. Narvaez, the Assistant Vice Chancellor for Finance and Administrative Services, and approved by Mary May C. Eulogio the Vice Chancellor for Finance and Administrative services, starting February 15, 2015 the finance office will no longer issue hard copies or printed pay slips for basic pay. Pay slips can be accessed via online (employee’s portal) for viewing and printing. The proponents pointed out that the paperless pay slips policy has many benefits especially to the institution, the employees, and the environment. A paperless payroll will help reduce paper and waste in the office. Expenses in printing inks, toners, and utilities will significantly be reduced. (Jean Alicdan)

(4:40 PM) Another Lasallian pride from the College of Engineering, Architecture and Technology has bannered the colors of the university, as Emil Suerte placed 16th among over 800 entries from all over the world in the recently concluded International 3D Rendering Challenge. The said competition aims to create the perfect environment highlighting the best features of modern office building.

(4:35 PM) De La Salle University-Dasmarinas is spearheading best practices for sustainable campus development. A sewage Treatment Plant (STP), which was recently developed by the Pollution Control Office under the Environmental Resource Management Center (ERMAC), is being tested in the west campus in preparation for full operation in April this year. La Salle Dasma is one of the largest private sectors in Dasmariñas City and to minimize its impact on the environment, the STP was developed to treat waste liquids before disposal. (Aiko Castro)

(4:30 PM) DLSU-D’s Parents Organization La Salle Cavite or POLCA acquired  its first electronic jeepney in 2008, gaining appreciation from the Lasallian community as it benefits not only to DLSU-D’s students and parents but also the environment.  According to the current president of POLCA, Frederick Godinez, E-jeepneys are now servicing DLSU campuses such as De La Salle-Lipa, College of Saint Benilde and even in other universities like Ateneo de Manila University. Godinez also admitted that he is overwhelmed not only with all the positive feedback regarding their project, but also on how the project changes and inspires other universities to also adapt e-jeepneys which are very helpful to the environment. (Alyssa Villaflores)


(4:28 PM) Filipino Canadian teenager Ann Makosinski has invented a flashlight intended to bring light to people with no access to electricity. The Hollow flashlight invention won the Gold at the Google Science Fair.


Pinay Lovelyn Marquez-Prueher is California State Teacher of the Year.


Senior high school students from Xavier School wins Harvard Global Trailblazers award.


(4:25 PM) Filipina migrant worker Xyza Bacani is going to New York University armed with the prestigious Magnum Foundation Photography and Human Rights Fellowship.


Pulse Asia survey shows Filipinos optimism for 2015.


International designer Diane Von Furstenberg calls Philippines “paradise.”


(4:22 PM) The Philippines has been cited as a country with one of the most inexpensive cost of living in the world, ranked at 15th place.


(4:20 PM) World-class foreign travel bloggers publishes blogs celebrating the wonders of the Philippines and Filipinos.


(4:15 PM) Louise Par on preparations for Pelikultura: “We prepared by watching experimental films and brainstorming.”

(4:11 PM) De La Salle University-Dasmariñas certainly embodies being green and gets even greener as it qualified once again on the UI Greenmetric University Ranking 2014. From being in the 78th place out of 301 participating universities in 2013, DLSU-D moved up 8 places to claim the 70th spot among 360 invited universities all over the world. The new rankings were released last January 26.

DLSU-D garnered a total score of 6, 346 from 6 different categories where DLSU-D achieved 472 in Setting and Infrastructure, 1,610 in Energy and Climate Change,1,650 in Waste Management, 715 in Water, 1,225 in Transportation, and 675 in Education. (Reports from Tomi Adrias and Hazel Mascarinas)

The Philippine Pastry Team is back in the country from France with the Best Sculpted Ice Award from the World Pastry Cup.


A Filipina physicist from the University of the Philippines discovers how to slow down speed of light.


(4:05 PM) Beginning today @ 95.9 Green FM will air every Monday from 3:45-5:00 PM at 95.9 Green FM of De La Salle University-Dasmarinas.


(4:00 PM) The Good News Headlines now on @ 95.9 Green FM!

(3:50 PM) According to DLSU-D MCO Director Annie Sarile, “We have to focus more on thinking positively because thinking positively is thinking dynamic.”

1547979_896742977012424_1641731524111340633_o 1500895_896745927012129_5901925690678018664_o

(3:45 PM) @ 95.9 Green FM is now on-air to deliver the good news, bringing good vibes to listeners. Ms. Rosanni Sarile joins Ms. Angie Balibay in the opening of the program.

DLSU-D MCO Director Rosanni Sarile welcomes to La Salle's Green FM radio station
DLSU-D MCO Director Rosanni Sarile welcomes to La Salle’s Green FM radio station

Mr. Cornel Bongco is now with us in the studio. Tune in to @ 95.9 Green FM!

Inspirational leadership and marketing speaker Cornel Bongco arrives at the Green FM studios for the GoodNews Interviews
Inspirational leadership and marketing speaker Cornel Bongco arrives at the Green FM studios for the GoodNews Interviews

Lights…camera…sounds….web…  LIVE FROM THE GREEN FM STUDIOS! The First Edition of @ 95.9 Green FM!

February 9, 2015 at 345-6 PM

Re-arings on February 16, 11-12NN and 345-5 PM

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