95.9 Green FM reporting live from DLSU Yuchencgo Auditorium at the De La Salle University Manila for the 1st DLSU Communication Conference: Celebrating 40 years of the DLSU Communication Arts Program. This conference is made possible by De La Salle University Communication Department in cooperation with the De La Salle Alumni Association, DLSAA College of Liberal Arts Chapter and the DLSAA Communication and Media Club with the theme “40×40: THE NEW DIMENSIONS OF COMMUNICATIONS”

Clodualdo "Doy" Del Mundo
Clodualdo “Doy” Del Mundo

DLSU-D Communication and Journalism Department faculty Isolde Valera reports from the DLSU Manila about the first Commmunication Conference.

CJD faculty Aurora Quadra-Balibay and Artin Umali anchor the live report from the 95.9 Green FM studios.

The following exclusive interview with Dr. Clodualdo “Doy” Del Mundo, on the Task of Pinoy Communicators was aired live.

GFM: What is the main purpose of the conference?

CDM: First is the celebration of the 40th year of the communication arts program at De La Salle University and we thought we should have something more significant celebrated. So we came up with the idea of having a conference and getting the graduates of the program to come back to the university and talk about different topics.

GFM: Why talk about looking back and seeing forward?

CDM: Based on my own experience. Since I was with the Communication Arts program for about 4 decades so I thought we should review what has happened and where we should go in the future.

GFM: What is the task of Pinoy Communicators?

CDM: The task is to make people see what’s happening in our society. And we want them to see what is the condition of people in need. So I thought we should take a look at it more closely and I thought we should take the idea of Christian communication seriously and make the focus of the program to produce more responsive and responsible Christian communicators.

GFM: What is the unique contribution of Christian communicators?

CDM: It’s something that we have not really discussed openly. Since we belong to a Christian school I think it should also be practiced in a profession like communication.

GFM: Is there a particular call from you for media content producers who are Christian communicators especially in the midst of the current political turmoil in the country with some sectors saying it is the media that is creating the hype on the tragedy making people look back instead of going forward?

CDM: We cannot separate our beliefs from our profession, from our work. If one believes in something then he or she should practice it. It’s something that cannot be separated from our profession, from our work.

GFM: Is there a possibility of you writing another book, a textbook, about your talk on the Task of Pinoy Communicators for the new generation?

CDM:  Actually I’ve been thinking about working on maybe a book an anthology of essays written by different people, contributions from practitioners and I’m thinking of a book that would focus on media and Philippine society.

GFM: There’s a scarcity of books about Philippine media and Philippine society, written by Filipinos. What can we do about that?

CDM: That’s true. We need materials for our communication schools and communication students. We can also look at the new media and not just depend on the printed, maybe online.

GFM: Any last bilin to all students of communication?

CDM: Being communicators is a very powerful calling. They should really work hard to make sure they use media for the good of society, especially the people who are in need.


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