(1:25 PM) – DLSU-D Stallions just finished their technical inspection test where there were 7 stations that has 15 test. They passed 13 test out of the 15. The first test they weren’t able to passed was the Design Test because they need to put a hole in the back of the prototype car so that they wouldn’t have to open it for the gasoline. The second test they didn’t passed was the Fuel Verification Test where they need to change the solid connector of the fuel so that it won’t be removed from its host.

The Stallions will just have to do these minor changes and after these they can line up to be inspected again for the two technical verification test.

Just a while ago, an explosion stunned the viewers of the Fuel Verification Test of Hanoi University Science and Technology’s prototype car due to a leak from its hose. Shell was more keen in their technical inspection test this year because of the incident last year where two cars suddenly caught fire during the event.

Philippines hosted this prestigious event for two consecutive years already and it’s been said that they will host it again next year.

The Shell Eco Marathon Asia 2015 was organized with the help of the Manila City government, police and traffic agencies of the city and with the Department of Tourism and National Parks Development Committee.


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