CTHM Grounds, DLSUD (09:25) Photo op for the PICE Officers and the 95.9 GreenFM Team. this concludes the Nautical Night 2015 of Civil Engineering Program Council. Slide14Slide13 Slide15Slide16 (09:20 pm) Engr. Mandigma closes the program IMG_0623 (09:10 pm) Over all Champion who wll enjoy Php 5, 00 worth of Pizza Party sponsored by CEEPC goes to the 5th year students. Slide12 (08:55 pm) Champions for the week long CE event were  also awarded. Slide10Slide11 (08:50 pm) Outfit of the Night was also recognized. Slide8Slide9 (08:45 pm) Aside from the Top Students, Faces of the Night for the Female and Male category were awarded. Slide7Slide6 (08:40 pm ) Top 1st year students were awarded on stage . Slide5 (8:30 pm) 2nd year students also rendered an acoustic performance. Slide21 Top students from 2nd year students were also awarded at the event. 4 (7:23 pm) – Top ten 3rd year students are awarded on stage CTHM Grounds, DLSUD 3 (7:07 pm) – Top ten 4th year students are awarded lead by Engr. Francis Villareal and CEE Program Council President Bea Diamante. CTHM Grounds, DLSUD 2 (7:03 pm) – Audience is requesting for an encore after the performance of an acoustic version of a One Direction medley. Performers are now showcasing a Taylor Swift medley. Slide20 CTHM Grounds, DLSUD (6:51 pm) – Performances of each engineering year level starts with the 5th year students. Slide19 CTHM Grounds, DLSUD – The top five 5th year students are being awared. P.I.C.E. officers are also recognized. Slide3Slide2 CTHM Grounds, DLSUD (6:30 pm) – Engr. Villareal advised the next civil engineers to be more focused and persevering. CTHM Grounds, DLSUD (6:25 pm) – Engr. Francis Villareal congratulates the success of the program on their various achievements during his opening remarks. Slide17 CTHM Grounds, DLSUD (5:15 pm) – Students are now occupying the tables wearing their respective attires. On the other hand, those who are wearing nautical costumes are receiving quite an attention from onlookers. 111004739_957013777657018_1963598898_n Slide1 CTHM Grounds, DLSUD (5:02 pm) – Registration for Civil Engineering Nautical Night has started. Students are showing off their sailor costumes. However, the program will start by 6pm today according to Bea Diamante, CEE Program Council President.IMG_0283 IMG_0284 IMG_0285 IMG_0286 IMG_0287 IMG_0288 IMG_0289 IMG_0290 IMG_0291 Green FM reporters Erika Lasay, Ralfh Labitag, Eliza Romo, Anne Elbo and Camille Guillarte report live from the Nautical Night 2015 of CEEPC of DLSU-D which is scheduled  today at 4pm – 9pm in the CTHM Courtyard inside DLSU-D. The event will give recognition to 10 outstanding students from each year level of Civil Engineering. CE Week activity contest winners will be awarded prizes. The Overall champion receives P5,000 worth of pizza party. There will also be photo booth, and battle of the bands and other fun events.


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