Tutok Lasalyano Sabado February 28 Edition

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(12:28) Ms. Judie Arayan : “It will test your faith and confidence”

(12:25) Mr. Allan Francisco on his advice to graduating students: “You have a lot of competition when you’re a new graduate. When you pass a resume, it’s the only basis people will base on so you must make your resume as creative as possible.” he adds, “For the would-be Communication Practitioners, interviews have the biggest impact because it’s one of the ways where the company owners will know you the best.”

(12:22) Mr Allan Francisco on being a lasallian graduate “I will quote the Lasallian values. Let’s generalize the faith, if you don’t know how to call him you won’t know where to go.” he also adds,  “3 things God wants to let us know: he gives you more than what you deserve, he always wishes you happiness and never lose hope. Just continue on dreaming. Other people’s opinions doesn’t matter”

(12:20) Ms. Judie Arayan on being a media person and a lasallian graduate “There are times that you should consider the elements surrounding your interviewee because it might affect the answer that you would get from them”

(12:17) Mr. Allan Francisco never neglects his physical appearance despite the hectic schedule of media work he add that media work is no fun and games only.

(12:10) Ms. Judie Urayan on her views in working under the field of media “In some point i got tired. and when this happens, there’s nothing you can do but stop”

(12:05) Ms. Judie Urayan on public affairs: “You should broaden the horizons of the topic you are talking about”

(12:04) Ms. Judie Urayan says you should always be there if you love what you’re doing

(12:03) Mr. Allan Francisco says being late will never be and never was an option everywhere

(11:59)Mr.  Allan Francisco and Ms. Judy Urayan will judge the camp journalism event

(11:57) Third Segment: Tatak Lasalyano will talk about the Culture, Ethics and the Qualities of a Lasallian.

(11:53) CLAC now offers student exchange program in Indonesia

(11:51) Mish Ferrer on gathering opinions from selected 4th year students on the graduation photo package distribution

(11:50) E-payslip, to reduce payslip junks in the admin office

(11:49) DLSU alma mater song featuring branches of DLSU school in the Philippines

(11:44) Shell Eco Marathon update by Danielle Garan: DLSUD will be able to join the marathon before 12:30 after undergoing some technical inspections

(11:40) Aklan locals on Boracay tourism surge: “We’re ready”

(11:39) water crisis on Indang called the PTK2 project gains distaste from Indangenyos

(11:36) Gannda Sayasa reporting on the Senator Legarda’s bill on “Baybayin”

(11:31) Dr. Delmundo on the first communication conference “Well i think the task really make the people what happen in our society, what really the condition of people in need, we should take the communication seriously to produce more responsive responsible communicator”

(11:24) Shell eco marathon update by Maria Meryll Borinaga with DLSUD captain/representative

Due to technical problems, it is not yet sure as of this moment if the DLSUD team can successfully join the marathon

Judie Urayan  Photo by: Kim Min Kyung
Judie Urayan
Photo by: Kim Min Kyung
Mr. Allan Francisco - Photo by: Kim Min Kyung
Mr. Allan Francisco – Photo by: Kim Min Kyung

(11:18) Ms. Judie Urayan on her advice to graduating students: “kahit galing sa magandang school ka, kailangan confident ka pa din pag dating sa labas”

(11:16) Mr. Allan Francisco having a throwback on mam Angie Quadra Balibay’s class:  “Kapag kausap si mam Q kapag nag report kame kay mam Q, dapat Accurate.”

(11:13) Mr. Allan Francisco – October 2011 “I graduated. sabi ko nga when I recieve the txt message of mam Q, bakit ako? wala pa naman ako napapatunayan sa industry”

(11:10) DJ Bea Herrera live on air with Mr. Allan Francisco and Ms. Judie Urayan.

Five minutes till we’re on air!

Photo by: Jazelle Ong
Photo by: Jazelle Ong

Live at the studio Mr. Allan Francisco and Ms. Judie Urayan

photo credits to Jazelle Ong Tutok Lasalyano team getting ready for the show
photo credits to Jazelle Ong
photo credits to Jazelle Ong
Photo by: Raven Lee Shell Eco Marathon 2015 – Manila
DLSU-D Stallions race car at SEMA 2015
Tutok Lasalyano Sabado gives you updates about the Camp Journ

DLSU-D CEAT Stallion’s first race at the Shell Eco Marathon Asia 2015 live update on Tutok Lasalyano Sabado at 11am.

Stay tuned to Tutok Lasalyano Sabado at 11:00PM on 95.9 Green FM


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