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(4:00 pm) — Mindanao breaks world record for most trees planted

(4:00 pm) — Indie film Bwaya wins at 21st FICA in France

(4:01 pm) — Miss Saigon Pinoy actors shine at What’s On Stage awards 2015

(4:01 pm) — Indie film “Ekstra” nominated at New York festivals

(4:01 pm) — Pinoy solar bottle bulb wins International Light award

(4:01 pm) — Philippines, listed as one favorite destination of Israeli travellers

(4:02 pm) — Floyd Mayweather and Filipino pride, Manny “Pacman” Pacquiao to finally meet on May 2

(4:02 pm) — Philippines seen as one of the best retirement haven for (4:02 pm)  —Philippines a key travel destination according to New York daily news

(4:02 pm)  — Zamboanga City to spearhead first local Bird Festival

(4:03 pm) — Baguio City’s session road blloms with Panagbenga Flower Festival

(4:03 pm) — Brillante Mendoza heads new film festival

(4:03 pm) — Dancing traffic enforces lift the mood in Cavite traffic jam

(4:03 pm) — Dasmarinas wins fourth place at Southern Tagalog CALABARZON Athletic Association

(4:03 pm) —Imus Prism: Master collection showcases Filipino art

(4:03 pm) — DepEd to hire 39 thousand teachers this 2015

(4:03 pm) — DLSU-D COM students receive the Jury’s Choice award in Pelikultura Festival

(4:03 pm) — BJPC commemorates Camp Journ

(4:03 pm) — DLSU hosts first communication conference

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(4:04 pm) —  World record set by Filipinos as Mindanao’s tree planting campaign, “TREEVOLUTION: GREENING 5. MINDANOW”  held last September 26, 2014, sets Guinness world record for most trees planted in an hour beating the record of  India’s 1,945,535 of total planted  trees in one hour as announced  in a press release by the Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) last Monday, February 23, 2015.

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(4: 05 pm) — Laurence Connor, Director of Miss Saigon  expressed his gratitude on the recognition of Miss Saigon in What’s On Stage awards.Filipinos continues to penetrate the international scene as Miss Saigon’s Filipino actors won at the 15th Annual WhatsOnStage Awards at the Prince of Wales Theater in London, England last February 15, 2015. It was hosted by Mel Giedroyc and Steve Furst. The said annual awards event aims to recognize the best of the best stage plays and the brilliant people behind it and to gather them in one social event.

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(4:07 pm) — Ekstra was the only Filipino film to be nominated New York festival, World’s best television and films. Jeffrey Jeturian’s “Ekstra” is the only Filipino film that is nominated at the 2015 New York Festivals which is held annually to honor the best from more than 50 countries that would encourage the next generation of story-tellers and talent.“Ekstra” will compete against Italy’s “Calcolo Inifinitesimale” for the Best Feature Film category set on April 14. It was also an entry for the Director’s Showcase during Cinemalaya 2015.

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(4:12 pm) — Floyd Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao fight tagged as the “Fight of the Century” happens this May 2 at MGM Grand

(4:13)  — Department of Tourism stated that Philippines is a safe place for tourism and targets 8 million for tourist arrival. According to various online articles publish recently in Hebrew by Israeli news and travel companies that Philippines become one of the favourite vacation destinations among Israelis.The articles released by News1 (, Walla (, Terminal (, and International Air Services ( said that the Philippines is becoming a favorite destination among Israelis. They highlighted the natural beauty of our country specially the Palawan Islands and Boracay in the Top 30 Islands of the World Readers Choice Awards 2014 given by Condé Nast. Palawan emerged as the winner with more than 76,000 votes, while Boracay got the 12th place in Travel+Leisure Magazine as Best Overall Island of 2012.Based on the gathered data from the Department of Tourism which marked the 30% increase in the number of Israelis travelling to the Philippines in 2013 – a total of 7,675 Israeli tourists up from the 5,895 in 2012.

(4:15 pm)  —- First local Bird festival happened last Feb 27 and promotes for the Philippine Tourism

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(4:17 pm) — Baguio’s Panagbenga Flower Festival.Baguio City blooms again for its 18th Panagbenga Festival, the month long celebration started last February 1, 2015 and will conclude on March 8, 2015. The annual festival celebrates Baguio City’s “Season of Blooming”, residents of the city and even people from different parts of the country also come and celebrate. The whole month of the festival is covered with parade of floats adorned with flowers, street dancing inspired by the Ibaloi dance of celebration and a display of vibrant and colourful flower-inspired costumes. The festival was also packed with grand fireworks display.

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(4:19 pm) — Cavite’s local government deploys male homosexuals as traffic enforcers and “Ikatlong Lahi”, an LGBT organization said that they were thankful. Last February 7, the local government of Rosario Cavite hired 20 gays or male homosexuals from the local gay community as traffic wardens at busy roads and intersections in their municipality.The project was initiated by Mayor Jose “Nonong” Ricafrente, Vice Mayor Voltaire Ricafrente and othe local administration officials. The trained male homosexuals in green uniforms are called the “traffic squad”. They are one-of-a-kind and first in the province of Cavite.

(4:21 pm) — Imus Prism will be held at Casa Ladrillo Imus, City

(4:24 pm) — Communication Students bagged Jury’s Choice at Pelikutura Festival held at Tanghalang Julian Felipe

(4:25 pm) — “Ugkat” is about culture appreciation and how we forgotten about our land said Alisah Suico which it won the Best Experimental Film in Pelikultura CALABARZON film festival.

(4:30 pm) — Bloodletting event first time to reach 100 donors and the CLAC is second on the most number of blood donors.

(4:32 pm) — Civil Engineering Program Council organized the second Zombie Outbreak and the winner was awarded 5,000 worth of Pizza Party sponsored by the council.As part of celebrating XSTATIC: Civil Engineering Week 2015, the Civil Engineering Program Council (CEE PC) conducted its second Zombie Outbreak for the fourth day of their college week on February 26, 2015 in the DLSU-D Grounds.

(4:37 pm) — Nyfti Bicycles is the first Filipino bike.

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(4:39 pm) —- “The idea of the folding bike is a passion project from Isidro Marfori.” Engr. Carl Mamawal, co-founder and CEO of Nyfti Bicycles.


(4:40 pm) — “We really wanted to do a nice quality folding bikes and we have the blood and sweat on the bikes that we make that can be globally recognized.” – Engr. Carl Mamawal, discussed about the objectives of the Nyfti Bicycles.

(4:44 pm) — The main challenge on Nyfti Bicycles is that there are no cycling manufacturer here in the Philippines and getting the brand recognized by the people

(4:45 pm) — Nyfti Bicycles aims to be exported and let it be appreciated by other countries but it will still be locally made to add more economic value


(4:46 pm) — “I’m very humbled to be part of the list.” – Engr. Carl Mamawal on his inclusion on Rappler’s top 10 Business leaders


(4:47 pm) — Engr. Carl Mamawal gives advice on those who wanted to start their own innovation: “Share your knowledge and be open and have the perseverance to pursue your dreams to make it a reality.”


(4:50 pm) — “Kapag paulit-ulit lang, magsasawa ka.” Denise Verchez, one of the cast of longest running gag show, Bubble Gang, talks about love

(4:54 pm) — Cornel Bonco discusses the lust from love and mentioned the things to consider and these are right time, person, place (refers to marriage).

(4:56 pm) — “Love seeks the best for the other person.” And this is sometimes forgotten by the people. – Cornel Bonco

(4:59 pm) — “Time will produce that sourness and any relationship that starts out sweet will turns sour.” – Cornel Bonco and this is the reason why people should start to spice up the relationship and aims for longevity of it.

(5:03 pm) — “Nagiging hysterical ang historical” – Cornel Bonco

(5:05 pm) — “In every way, all lovers will go na parang sila ay pinipitpit. But if they stick together, the flavor that they have inside will come out in their relationship. ” – Cornel Bonco relates love on “Bawang”, one of the main ingredients of Adobo.

(5:12 pm) — “Anything that is edible can be a source of inspiration.” – Cornel Bonco says that be inspired on the simplest things in life.


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