Vigilant Broadcasting on Media Watch – March

(11:50 AM) – “Yun ang pinpromote kong idea kasi may tinatawag tayong kasi our ethnocity is attached to our language, so ayun talagang pinopromote ko na para our identity is tied to our language.Ang long term vision ko po kasi magkraoon ng Kapampangan films dito tapos ipapalabas sa mga tao dito.” – Jason Paul Laxamana, on promoting Kapampangan films through the Kapampangan Cinema Movement.

(11:46 AM) – “Nakakaranas din naman ako ng block pero eto kasi yung process ko, ayaw ko sa kwarto ko, lumalbas ako, sa mga mall, sa coffee shops, nagttype ng script, gusto ko pag nagtatype ako ng kwento i want to be surrounded with people, usually kasi pag nasa bahay ako, baka matulog ako o magfacebook na lang ako, mas naba-block ako…” Jason Paul Laxamana on having creative blocks.

Jason Paul Laxamana, award-winning director

(11:39 AM) – “Alam mo yung Magkakabaung di ko talaga in-expect na mananalo talaga yan. Ang tip ko lang is ayusin talaga nila yung directing, yung screenwriting, yung aesthetic, and then lalabas yun,” Jason Paul Laxamana on how to create an award-winning film.

Jason Paul Laxamana in the HIFF  Source: Jason Paul Laxamana’s FB account
Jason Paul Laxamana in the HIFF  Source: Jason Paul Laxamana’s FB account

(11:38 AM) – “Mas gusto ko may kontrol ako sa pelikula. As much as possible, mas gusto ko ako yung nagsusulat ng material ko. Pero kung iba, wala naman siya problema sakin as long as tugma siya sa mga paniniwala ko sa buhay.”

“Magkakabaung” tells the story of a casket factory worker who brings up his eight-year old daughter alone after his wife leaves him, and then accidentally causes the death of the girl by administering the wrong medication. The film presents the coffin maker’s attempts at erasing his guilt and remorse even as he faces difficulties in getting his daughter’s body discharged from the hospital and then buried.

(11:33 AM) – Jason Paul Laxamana: “Ang pinaka-focus ko lang is telling the story. Ang sakin, nasa tao na yun kung paano nila makukuha yung tao.”

(11:30 AM) – 95.9 Green FM goes live with Direk Jason Paul Laxamana, local filmmaker and director of “Magkakabaung”, Best Asian Film in the 3rd Hanoi International Film Festival. Magkakabaung also won as Best Film in the Gawad Tanglaw 2015. The film also won the Best Director, Best Screenplay, and Best Actor in the said film festival.


(11:29 AM) – Microsoft coordinates with Philippine National Police Anti-Cybercrime Group (PNPG) in eradicating cybercrime.

(11:25 AM) – DLSU-D launches E-Payslip for employees and faculty. DLSU-D Systems and Application Development Unit of Informations and Technology Center and Accounting Office launches E-Payslip or Electronic Payslip where faculty and employees could view their payslip online. The new E-Payslip is launched in support of the “paperless transaction” implemented by the university.

(11:23 AM) – Expansion of Internet in some parts of the world slows down. The rate of expansion of internet slows down due to the increased charge and limited connection.

(11:22 AM) – Philippines is included in the 30 countries susceptible to a huge cyber-espionage group.

(11:22 AM) – Twitter can now be used to search for jobs

(11:17 AM) – Studies show social media aid in the spread of fake news. Based on the studies of media researchers, several organizations are now having difficulty in determining real news from fake news. According to Craig Silverman, researcher in Tow Center for for digital journalism in Columbia University, instead of having social media as a source of truthful information, it is now used to disseminate fake news to encourage users to join social media. (Via Gonzales)

(11:15 AM) – DILG says social media is a big help during times of disaster in the Philippines. Social media is considered as an effective platform for the dissemination of information during the times of disaster, such as identification of disaster victims and determining their location. With the help of MovePh, Agos Project, and National Hotline 117, DILG can now save victims 24/7 through Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. (Benedict Odina)

(11:13 AM) – 1st DLSU Communication Conference was held last February 27. The Communication Conference or CommCon was spearheaded by De La Salle University-Manila to celebrate the 40th year of the DLSU Communication Arts Program . The event was themed “40×40: The New Dimensions of Communication”.

(11:11 AM) – Smart’s award-winning campaign “Smart Txtbk” included in WARC 2015. The multi-awarded winning campaign by Smart was included in the Top 10 of WARC

(11:09 AM) – The Skype chat application can also now be used to as a platform for sexual videos of teenagers as the selling of sexual videos is now prevalent in the said chat application. Based on the research done by Europol, sexual videos are more difficult to track due to its stricter privacy settings compared to other websites.

(11:09 AM) – Senator Vicente Sotto III expands Republic Act No. 53 or the Press Freedom Law, more known as Shield Law or Sotto Law. The law aims to protect journalists in publishing their news and information sources. In expansion of the said law, journalists from the broadcast industry such as the station manager, producer, news director, and even wire agencies and internet publication are now covered by the said law. Senator Sotto also added broadcast and online journalists in the list of media practitioners that will receive protection and enough rights in broadcasting and private information. The Sotto Law was once again pushed into discussion after the occurrence of media leaks during the senate executive sessions about the Mamasapano encounter. The expansion of the Shield Law or the Sotto Law aims to further protect the freedom of the press.

(11:07 AM) – ISIS allegedly uses social media to encourage British Muslim women to join the group. According to Quillam Managing Director Haras Rafiq, most Muslim women are not allowed to go out of their homes to mingle with people. Due to this, they become the common target of ISIS as they are encouraged to leave London and go to Istanbul. (Pauline Yago)

(11:06 AM) – French Minister Cazenueve asked for help from officials to investigate and eradicate terrorist propaganda through social media such as Twitter, Facebook, and Google. According to the French Interior Minister, he doesn’t want to undergo through the usual government channels after discussing the matter with US tech giants. Twitter and Facebook spokespeople also stated that they will do their best to stop the spread of materials encouraging any form of violence, but it is still uncertain if they will coordinate with some French officials. According to the Facebook spokesperson, they will ensure that no terrorist groups will use their site and will remove any Facebook content that shows support for terrorist groups. According to Cazanueve, their agreement will also lead to a stronger bond between the French government and the tech companies. The French government also invited some tech giants to continue their discussion this upcoming April. (Kathleen Gumayan)

(11:05 AM) – #EdsaKaba trended on Twitter in celebration of EDSA People Power last February 25, 2015 as netizens expressed their freedom of expression or hugot in the social networking site twitter. According to writer Anthony Esguerra, “Why not? Isn’t freedom of expression one of the gifts of a ‘democracy’ that was born during the EDSA revolution?” Citizens had already grown used to expressing themselves through social media over time as the media proves to be an effective platform for such. Due to the heavy traffic experienced by the people last Wednesday, the said hashtag trended on Twitter.



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