(12:13) Atty. Trinidad says that being a LaSallian student taught him his priorities: First and foremost, faith in God which is important to everyone; second, love of family, third is giving importance to the friends who supports and helps us give opportunities. Lastly, fourth in his priorities is the job he has.

(12:08) Mr. Trinidad talking about finding job opportunities: “Hindi masyadong mahirap kasi sinusulatan ng mga companies yung mga magagandang universities, at sinuwerte ako kasi isa ako sa mga na-recruit.”

(12:06) Atty. Trinidad on his first job: “First job ko sa isang U.S accounting firm based in the Philippines, sa Ernst & Young nung 1990.”

(12:04) Live via phone patch: DLSU-Taft Graduate and Regional Finance Director of South East Asia Multinational Engineering Company Fluor Daniel, Atty. Miguel Trinidad.

(12:01) Gannz Sayasa reporting live about CJD Student Exchange Program

(12:00) Samantha Morales reporting about scholarship application who announced that they will give financial support to student scholars.

(11:58) According to Hernandez, they will strive to win the championship on Monday.

(11:57) Mar Diomampo reporting live about Intramurals with Paulo Joy Hernandez, member of CLAC Women’s Basketball Team.

(11:54) International Student Association conducts an outreach program for their beneficiaries at Bahay Pag-Asa.

(11:52) Jazelle Ong reporting live at Casa Ladrillo about Graphics Tradeshow titled: Prism Designs Concepts and Ideas 1.0 showcasing digital arts creations.

(11:50) Gayle Ocsena reporting live about electoral debate.

(11:49) Report: Electoral debate between Sinag and Sentro political party at DLSU-D on Monday

(11:45) Marianne Tuyor reporting live at Botanical Garden about TREEVOLUTION

(11:44) Mariel “Nakaka proud na may mga pinoy na nakasali sa [Forbes magazine]

(11:41) Camille Pe reporting live on air about Filipinos included in the top 1,000 billionaires of Forbes magazine.

(11:37) Ms. Libang: ““Merong mga chapter sa iba’t ibang region: local, national and sectoral. Dito sa Kamaynilaan, may mga activities gaya ng medical mission, isa din sa ginagawa yung people’s hearing…merong activities na ongoing hanggang sa matapos ang Marso.”

(11:36) Ms. Libang said that 10,000 people are expected to participate in the march which will be held at 5:00-6:00 P.M. tomorrow.

(11:35) Ms. Libang: “Serbisyong pangkalusugan, katotohanan at hustisya, pati Aquino resign, ..salute to our brave women…for truth and justice.”

(11:31) Live via phone patch: GABRIELA Deputy Secretary General Ms. Gert Libang.

(11:21) Danielle Garan reporting live at Social Sciences Department regarding National Women’s Month.

(11:17) SCE Head Mr. Valguna -“The three classes that petitioned for special election are HRD41, HRD42, BSA41 … It will be held from 8:00A.M. to 12 NN.”

(11:15) DLSU-D special elections held today – Yzonn Orcine reporting live at JFH Grounds with SCE Head Mr. Valguna.

(11:11) (News) U.S. Ambassador for South Korea Mark Lippert stabbed on Thursday.

(11:10) Tutok Lasalyano now on air.


Photo by: Elly Kim


Photo credits to Elly Kim: Tutok Lasalyano team getting ready for broadcast

Tutok Lasalyano: Sabado, airing at 11:00 A.M. – 12:00 NN with the COM43 Broadcast Journalism class. In Tatak Lasalyano today is Atty. Miguel Trinidad, South East Asia Finance Director of Fluor Daniel. GABRIELA Deputy Secretary General Gert Libang talks about women empowerment and the International Women’s Day celebration.



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