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(3:56 PM) The 55 year old Eddie Vega known as Barefoot Bandito has run 121 marathons without shoes. In 2014 alone, he ran 2, 646 point two miles, in 101 marathons without shoes, which set two new Guinness World Records.

(4:02 PM) 2 Filipinas made it to the shortlist for a one-way trip to Mars. They are among the 100 people who have been chosen to set their foot to Mars and create a colony of humans. (Brioso, JFH Grounds)

(4:04 PM) Philippine Science High School students, Joseph Adrian Dela Cruz, and Justine Ryan Silvestre earned major awards in an International Science Fair recently held in Thailand.

(4:06 PM) Filipino-American Bobby Murphy made it to the Forbes Billionaires ranking with a net worth of $1.5B. Murphy ranked number 1,250 among 1,826 on the Forbes list. Murphy shares his distinction of being one of the three newest billionaires who have made their fortunes before the age of thirty, along with fellow snapchat founder Eh-Van Spiegel.

(4:10 PM) Filipino cuisine is gaining more popularity across Canada’s supermarket shelves, as Philippine food brand named Pulo, a collection of different marinades and home cooking sauces for quick fix meals. Pulo was inspired by the 7,107 islands of the Philippines. Supermarket giants sell Pulo products in Canada boosting the profile and appreciation of Philippine cuisine in North America.


(4:17 PM) Three Filipino organic companies have been featured in the Bi-Yo-Fahk Trade Fair in Germany, considered the World’s Leading Trade Fair for organic products. Filipino organic companies such as Tree Life which exports premium organic Coco sugar and syrup; Bi-Os Dynamis which exports organic black, brown and red rice, and Primex Group which exports virgin coconut oil, desiccated coconut, banana chips and coco milk powder were among the exhibitors for three consecutive years. (Laugan, CTHM)

(4:22 PM) Three Filipino leaders were recently awarded at the Ten Most Outstanding Filipino Awards of the TOFIL. The awardees were Gemma Cruz-Araneta, A former beauty queen turned culture and heritage advocate, inspirational speaker and businessman Francis Kong, and Albay Governor Joey Salceda, a climate change advocate.

(4:25 PM) The Student Wellness Center will hold an acupuncture event at the Alumni Building on March 20th. the event is open for students, faculty members and staff.


(4:28 PM) The Southeast Asian Region is now preparing for the ASEAN Integration as more students and proffesionals are expected to cross borders this 2015. (Ayuyao, I-S-O)

(4:31 PM) “Bilang estudyante, magandang balita na makakapag-aral na din yung mga estudyante sa Leyte” – Crisselda Robles

(4:32 PM) The hazardous and uncomfortable setting of thousands of public schools in Eastern Visayas, has inspired International Humanitarian Organization World Vision, and Global I-t Leader CISCO System Corporation to rebuild classrooms and facilities in the area. (Villaflores, Admin)

(4:35 PM)
The Prussians, a band formed by Filipino drummer Tino Bautista is becoming more popular in Mallorca, Spain. The band named their first album in Panganese, which is a local language from the Pangasinan province in the Philippines.

(4:40 PM)

Tuloy Foundation, a non-government and non-profit organization in Muntinlupa, City gives shelter to abandoned and homeless children around the Metro. Tuloy Foundation is also known to be the only residential care that has its own school. the school’s curriculum is accredited by the Department of Education.


(4:45 PM) The public-private partnership program towards sustainable tuna fishing launched by World Wide Fund for nature-Philippines in 2011 has successfully enabled Filipino fishermen to meet international quality standards for exported tuna. (Nabor, B-S-D)

(4:46 PM) “It really promotes the hard work of the fishermen” – Selina Lim

(4:50 PM) A total of 10, 000 people from various government agencies, non-government organizations, state colleges and universities and civil society formed the largest woman symbol in Rizal Park, earning a Guinness World Record.

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(4:56 PM) An exclusive interview with Mr. Eddie “Barefoot Bandito” Vega earlier at at 95.9 Green FM.


(4:57 PM) “I don’t actually encourage them because it’s not the message I’m trying to send. It’s more of, if you really want to know somebody, try walking in their shoes; it’s the message I’m trying to say” – Mr. Eddie on being asked if he encourages young people to run barefoot to support his advocacy.

(4:58 PM) Mr. Cornel Bongco live for the GoodNews Interviews!

(4:59 PM) His opinion about Mr. Eddie Vega running barefoot:

“The Filipino has that strength to change something sour to something delicious”.

(5:00 PM) For the rest of the show Mr. Bongco introduced the idea of Leadership Tourism where you can be inspired to lead and manage stress by looking at beautiful places, capitalizing on the things that makes someone productive for example:

1. Mayon Volcano inspires passion through the lava that makes the volcano a popular tourist spot

2. Kawit is the birthplace of revolution

3. Vigan combines the wisdom of the old and the beauty of the young

4. San Vicente, the longest white beach in the Philippines, teaches patience

5. Calamba and Balanga are like earthen jars that are repositories of wisdom that encourages people to be wise.

(5:00 PM) “Anywhere you go in the Philippines, you can see leadership inspiration” – Cornal Bongco

(5:01 PM) FM Signing Off


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