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(3:50) These are the stories today on at 95.9 Green FM! DLSU, UP, TIP Eco-Teams wins Shell Eco Marathon, Philippines to launch first satellite into space by 2016, Girls Got Game Philippines Camp empowers Filipinas, Pinoy student wins in Emirates Literature Fest, LRP creates public access libraries all over the country, Philippines makes two Guinness World workout records, Fil-Am assigned as the New New York City Commission on Human Rights

(3:52) Richard Gomez’s “Children Show” win in Portugal film fest, Pinay accessory designer gets noticed in Milan, Tayo Awards given out to youth as nation builders, Filipina leaders honored in Go Negosyo Summit, Haranista Jason James Dy wins the Voice of the Philippines, Hoops youth star Jolo Go joins NBA Global Camp in New York City,

Pinay house cleaner makes it big in American investments, PLDT forms One Nation, Antonio’s makes it to Asia’s Top 50 best restaurants, Filipino taxi driver returns money to US Navy Man, CSCS Students Top Science Tilts, Animo Job and Career Expo 2015 to be held on March 26th, Serbisyong Lasalyano Brings SSS and NBI Clearance Application To DLSU-D, DLSU-D College of Education offers creative courses for summer 2015

(3:54) De La Salle University-Manila, University of the Philippines and the Technological Institute Of The Philippines won in separate categories. The DLSU Eco Car team won the first place in Shell Fuel Save Gasoline Urban Concept, after racing at 126-point-six-kilometers-per-liter on its best attempt.  The good news story here.

(3:56) The two Philippine-made micro satellites to be launched in 2016 and 2017 is expected to improve weather forecasting, disaster management, forest protection and other public services in the country.

According to Dr. Joel Marciano of the Department of Science and Technology and program leader of the Philippine Scientific Earth Observation micro-satellite, the PHL micro-sat program intends to send two micro-satellite into space to assist in disaster management programs, weather forecasting, agriculture,fisheries, forest protection, mining, and even the protection of cultural and historical sites.

Emirates Literature Fest

(3:58) A 12 year old Filipino student from Dubai International Academy won the Best English Poetry Performance Award over four other students from different international schools. Eldrick Yuji Los Baños declaimed “Let there be peace” written by Lemn Sissay during the Emirates Airline Festival of Literature.

(4:00) Pastrana started with the idea of an organization that will spearhead the creation of public access libraries all over the country. Thus, the library renewal partnership or LRP was born in 2010, with Aklan as the site of its first public library project.

LRP aims to empower over two-million citizens, by building at least 200 community education centers by the year 20-20 and help forge an interconnected archipelago of readers and leaders.

(4:02) Once again, Philippines penetrated the Guinness World  Records for the most number of people in a global workout and in one location. Herbalife, a global nutrition company in the Philippines has conducted the biggest high intensity interval training (HIIT) workout, which secured them a Guinness World Records achievement for having the most participants in the event and for having the most participants in a HIIT workout in 24 hours.

Fil_Am Human Rights Chair

(4:04) Filipino-American lawyer Carmelyn P. Malalis was appointed as New York’s Commission Chair for Human Rights last November 2014 due to her dedication of combating prejudice, intolerance, discrimination, and embarrassment through her representation of employees. Prior to her appointment, she had already represented different individuals in New York City. She has also represented different people in the Philippines especially in the field of civil rights and employment actions.

(4:06) Filipino independent films bagged awards at the 35th Oporto International film festival, popularly known as Fantasporto, held in Portugal last March 7. Richard Gomez was given the award of best actor in the director’s week section for his role as senior police officer in mike tuviera’s action-thriller film “The Janitor”. This is his first international acting award and ninth best actor award in over 30 years of acting career.

Tayo Awards

(4:09) Ten Accomplished Youth Organizations (TAYO) Awards Foundation Inc.  acknowledged new set of organizations that are exceptional in pursuing their causes and responding to the challenge for a better world.

In 12th TAYO Awards ceremony, different youth organizations were recognized for their projects such as Kanlungan Pilipinas Movement Inc. for their Balay Kanlungan sa Karunungan, Phi Lambda Delta Sorority for Milk Matters, and Red Cross Youth and Junior Rescue Team for  their Eco Raft Project.

(4:13) In celebration of the international women’s day, 15 talented Filipina leaders received acclamation at the 7th Go Negosyo Filipina Entrepreneurship Summit at the World Trade Center, Manila last March 6, 2015th. The good news story here.

(4:16) Philippine youth basketball starplayer Jolo Go, who recently committed himself to the DLSU Green Archers in the UAAP, has been the only Filipino invited to the Basketball Without Borders Global Camp 2015 at the NBA All-Star Weekend that was held on February 13 to 15 at New York city. The teenage basketball standout was just among the 39 players who will be featured in the camp, from which representatives from only 23 countries were invited. The good news story here.

(4:20) Mila Ferrer migrated to America some 40 years ago with just twenty dollars in her pocket. Ferrer was a native from Alcala, Pangasinan and admitted to she was an orphan struggling to survive together with her four siblings. During her migrant life, she was broke and lived in a trailer home.

Ferrer is now the vice president of an international investment company. She currently own 52 properties across America. The good news story here.

(4:23) This year marks how powerful technology is when four of the strongest and biggest names in the industry of telecommunication companies converged to form one nation.

The PLDT, Smart, Sun Cellular, and EPLDT is now called PLDT SME Nation. Based on PLDT, they joined together to combine all of their resources and expertise in giving Filipino people connections through telephone communication. It is also the solution on how they will reduce costs and be more efficient and elevate their customers experience. The good news story here.

Antonio Resto

(4:25) Fine dining restaurant Antonio’s in Tagaytay was ranked 48th in  the list released last March 9th in Singapore. The restaurant list was released by William Reed business media and billed Antonio’s as a restaurant of idyllic surroundings with a menu to match.

The restaurant is owned by Chef Antonio “Tony Boy” Escalante and was established in November 16, 2002. It is known for its standout dish, “Lechon de Leche”. This is the first time a Filipino restaurant has made it to the best restaurant list. The good news story here.

(4:27) Honest Filipino cabbie Alfredo Dael from Bacolod found money left in his cab and returned it to owner.

Dael returned the money to US navy man Marcelo Cartaciano which he found at the backseat of his cab. The money was inside a gray bag and amounted to 82-thousand pesos.

Dael returned the money during his 54th birthday. He left his birthday celebration to go to a Bacolod police station to return the money to the owner. Retired us navy man Cartaciano said he rode Dael’s taxi together with his wife and daughter. He was really grateful to Dael for his honesty.Taxi operator Wennie Amar has already rewarded his honest driver. The good news story here.

(4:29) The BS Biology students coached by Mr. Norbel Tabo spearheaded the championship trophy in the 16th Inter School Pre-Med Quiz Show at Pamantasan ng Lungsod ng Maynila. On the other hand, the senior students of Human Biology handled by Ms. Cristina Salibay placed second in a research poster competition of the 7th scientific meeting of the Philippine Society of Parasitology held at the Far Eastern University Manila.

(4:31) The Animo and Career Expo organized by the Alumni Relations and Placement Office will be held at the Ugnayang La Salle from 9 AM to 3 PM on Thursday, March 26.


(4:33) Still joining us for the fifth time, is our regular co-host Mr. Cornel Bongco to talk and discuss some point of views that we could all ponder on.

(4:35) “We don’t like that [pagiging wala lang] we like to be part of the decision making.”

(4:37) “Ideas are the moving force, the exchange. The current currency of economy are ideas”

(4:38) “We need to tell our stories effectively. We have a lot of contributions to the world but Filipinos are not given credit.” “We should not allow anybody to steal away the Glory from the Philippines.”

(4:40) “Capture the imagination of the world so when you do something, Filipinos will be recognized as the source.” “Make ourselves significant.”

(4:43) “Teachers are sources of wisdom. The way they evaluate students must change. The way they deliver the goods must change if they want their students to be significant … A lot of students find their professors insignificant.”

“The resources are available for the teachers if they want to expand their wings. ”

(4:46) “The main problem for students [graduating] right now is employability.” “You need to be able to be so flexile to whatever comes right now you will be able to grab it (sic). Students have to develop … credibility. College should be the proof that they [the students] can do things that they need to do. It validates them. College creates networks for them. Friends. Good friends. Those who will vouch for their credibility and confidence.”

Girls got game 2

(5:00) Ladies and gentlemen, live via Google hangouts for Good News Pilipinas are the managing directors of Girls Got Game Philippines, Ms. Krizanne Ty and Ms. Nikka Arcilla. Together with Michiko Soriano, an athletes manager and the project development officer of Public-Private Partnership Center of the Philippines.

(5:05) Ms. Angie: What is it about sports that you think can be useful to these underprivileged kids?

GGG PH : I think the discipline that they learn from these exercises and teaching them teamwork would help them a lot when they start working…

(5:13) Abraham Tayao: Is there a specific story involving poor Filipinas that triggered the formation of your team?

GGG PH:  One of the experience was training a kid in Boracay with handball. She was so excited and she really wanted to play. There are kids that really, despite their disabilities, they really want to play. We went around and trained these kids that don’t have the access…

(5:15)  Ms. Angie: We know that your are going to teach them team sports like basketball and soccer to your young girls… how was your preparation for that?

GGG PH: Actually, volleyball was originally a men’s sport. We want to change the perception that sports are for mens only. For example, in the PH, when someone’s tall, they’d encourage the person to play the sport of basketball but the game is not all about the height. We want to change the stereotype for girls that they cannot play these men’s team sports, we wanted to teach that even the youngest of girls can play as long as they have the confidence and teamwork…

(5:22) Ms. Angie: What advice can you give to people who dream of helping other people but don’t know where or how to start? Would you like to invite our listeners to join your volunteer team?

GGG PH: If you would like to join our cause, you can volunteer there. Just to add on, finding your passion, we all have a 9-5 jobs like everybody else but we can always find ways to give back. We are all special and we can use the skills that we have to make life worth living.

(5:27) Mr. Bongco inspires by saying that “you, young people, are the future and I’m excited.” He further challenges students that as responsible media practitioners, students must avoid “insulting the Filipinos’ intellect.” Lastly, he reiterates that the youth aspire to be “significant and to do something with your lives.”

(5:29) Abraham Tayao adds, “I am grateful to be a part of this show…” On the other hand, Angie Quadra-Balibay ends the show stating, “This wraps up the first season of Good News radio at 95.9 Green FM!”

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