Vigilant Broadcasting on Media Watch – March 16

(11:50 AM) “Hindi lang yung self-esteem yung ine-enchance rin ito, but yung relationship kuno. Usually ang nagse-selfie ang mga kabataan. Among adolescents, usually ang issue nila, mga body build, sa pamamagitan ng pagse-selfie, yun yung basis ng pagpayat, meeting the standards of the culture. Na-momotivate ng pagse-selfie yung number of likes, na kapag dumadami yung likes mo, may urge na ganun.  Ang pagse-selfie is normal, bahagi na yan ng culture. One way to solve this issue, think, ‘is this too much‘” – Siegfried Gamueda

interview 3

(11:48 AM) “Yung isa naman po sa intimacy. Ito raw yung nagiging tulay, napupuna nya yung pagiging distant natin sa iba” –Siegfried Gamueda

(11:47 AM) “Tinitignan naming kung ano yung concern, events based din tayo. Kaya nagseselfie tayo kasi mababa ang kanyang self-esteem. Yun yung compensation dahil yung paningin vina-validate ito ng photos, ito na ngayon ang basehan nila. Yung self-esteem ay tumataas.” -Siegfried Gamueda

(11:46 AM) “Dito sa Pilipinas, wala po akong case na ito lang ang sakit, usually co-morbid. Halimbawa nabully kasi mahilig siya magselfie. Katulad ng sinabi ko, nabully siya kakaselfie niya,.yung isa naman kaka-selfie, naapektuhan ang studies, siya ngayon ang…in connection, kaugnayan ito sa media addicts na tinatawag.” – Siegfried Gamueda

interview 2

(11:45 AM)”Actually may evidence base na ito, na ito ay isang disorder, ang pagseselfie. Kasi ano yan ma’am, ano, nagiging pattern, actually may level pa nga yan, hindi ko lang alam, pero it starts from most to severe, it  starts as an obsession.” -Siegfried Gamueda


(11:42 AM) Media Watch discusses the Selfie Culture with Student Wellness Center Counselor Siegfried Gamueda.

(11:38 AM) “Ang advice ko lang for young filmmakers kung gagawa ka ng film, magandang magsimula ka from a personal perspective.  When you’re brave and honest in what you’re passionate about, magiging honest din yung films mo.” – Petersen Vargas


(11:37 AM) “My personal favorite would be Geography Lessons, as I’ve mentioned it was very personal. Since thesis film ko rin siya, sinabihan ko yung pamilya ko, kailangan ko gumraduate so kailangan niyo i-produce tong pelikula ko. Yun kasi yung gusto kong mga pelikula, yung honest and raw – yung may puso – so ganun din yung gusto kong i-emanate sa mga ginagawa kong pelikula.” 


(11:37 AM) “Kaya naman pinili ko yung Geography Lessons, I was very passionate with sharing the Kapampangan culture din. Yung kwento, sabihin na lang natin na very personal siya sakin.Actually one of the main reasons why I became interested in making Kapampangan films is because of Jason Paul Laxamana. Siya yung gumawa ng Cinekabalen. Hindi kami competitive sa isa’t isa eh, more on collaborating kami sa isa’t isa which is very inspiring.

Watch the trailer of Lisqyun Qng Geografia (Geography Lessons)

(11:36 AM) “Mostly personal works and true enough, yung Geography Lessons comes from a very personal place and a personal memory from my life. Kung gagawa ka ng film, magandang gawin mo muna siya from a personal perspective.” – Petersen Vargas

petersen 2

(11:34 AM) On Media Watch exclusives: Gawad Urian Awardee and local filmmaker Petersen Vargas gets to talk about his style of filmmaking.

(11:30 AM) Google Philippines, in cooperation with the National Youth Commission (NYC) launched a new program that is centered on controlling cyber-bullying cases in the country.The “Web Rangers” are composed of youth individuals, aged 14-18 years old who are tasked to protect and regulate a safer online environment for them and their friends. Under the program, Google and NYC will also hold a workshop by April as part of the project. Members of Web Rangers will also be trained to produce their own online campaigns such as educational videos, lesson plans, songs, and apps. The lucky young ranger who will make an exceptional campaign will have an opportunity to visit Google’s headquarters in Asia and personally present their campaign proposal to Google’s executives. According to Google Philippines’ Head of Communications Gail Tan, “Cyberbullying is a serious issue that we shouldn’t gloss over. A lot of teens are affected by it, or know someone who is bullied online. More often than not, they’re not sure how to protect themselves.” (Jam Sarmiento)

web rangers

(11:28 AM) According to a Priory group, the Selfie culture can trigger an increase of number of eating disorders such as anorexia and many more on people. Dr. Alex Yellowlees, a consultant psychiatrist at the Priory hospital group, explained that the rampant popularization of selfie culture can result into online anorexia in which it portrays people’s descent into starvation together with their own photographs. The expert warned that this trend may result also from one eating disorder to another. (Daven Magno)

(11:26 AM) Cadet First Class Renato Cariño Jr. was fearful when rumors circulated in social media that he was the valedictorian of the Philippine Military Academy (PMA) Class of 2015. He said his case showed why cadets had been wary of social media. In recent years, Cariño said, the PMA Cadet Corps had dwelled on the impact of false information circulating on social networking sites. Although cadets are free to engage in online socialization, they have been cautioned about its impact, particularly on their careers. For the moment, cadets confronted by false information online will not correct the data themselves “Because it may worsen the situation,” Cariño said. According to Lopez, one reform would allow a cadet facing the honor committee to bring along a “Cadet adviser” who acts as counsel.

(11:24 AM) Hi-Precision Diagnostics Inc. (HPDI), a medical laboratory, recently rolled out its medical diagnostics mobile application.The HPDI Mobile App was developed to make health management more convenient and accessible. It provides a cumulative report of an individual’s previous medical test results. Apart from providing figures, the report also contains green and red arrows, for clearer indication of high and low results. The results can be downloaded online in a form of a portable document file. As the first medical laboratory in the Philippines that allows patients to access and download their results online, HPDI stores a patient’s history permanently while maintaining security and confidentiality. Other institutions, while offering online results, only keep records for a certain period of time. Further, the mobile app teaches a user how to prepare for the tests and features a dictionary on medical terms.  It can also locate HPDI branches nationwide and view its doctors’ directory at the patience convenience. (Bernard Peñaranda)

HPDA (2)

(11:23 AM) Transportation in Metro Manila will be a lot easier for some of the motorists due to the new invention of Filipinos, new mobile application,which helps to facilitate commuters who travel from Metro Manila can be used in smartphones. instantly displays the availability of the buses, jeepneys and train that people can ride. It also includes the time that can be consumed during the travel. The app can also show alternative routes in order to avoid traffic on the road. also won the Open Community Award in the 2013 Transit App Challenge.The application was started by Philip Cheang and Thomas Dy as a participation in the Hackathon. Cheang also cleared that the app is to help the commuters using the data and technology to maintain the order of transport in the

(11:22 AM) proposes to remove the Feeling Fat emoticon from Facebook. According to the non-profit organization Endangered Bodies, the phrase “Feeling Fat” is not appropriate to describe the feelings of Facebook users. The petition launched by the organization states that the phrase can cause depression. Meanwhile, Facebook argues that the phrase was only used to gain support from friends who are feeling miserable and is not intended to cause depression and eating disorders. At present, an estimate of 13,000 people already signed up for this petition while Facebook still have not taken a concrete action regarding the issue. (Charm Calixtro)


(11:18 AM) A Filipino-American is recognized as the 2nd youngest billionaire in the world, thanks to the mobile application Snapchat. Acording to Forbes Magazine, Filipino-American co-founder Bobby Murphy is included in the 50% population of billionaires who got rich because of technology. Snapchat is a social media app used to send photos or video messages through smartphones that also disappear after 10 seconds. Snapchat currently has a value of 10 billion USD.

snapchatsnapchat (2)

(11:16 AM) Valenzuela City Rep. Win Gatchalian proposed a bill to regulate the use of video games. The bill officially known as House Bill No. 4070 or Internet Cafe Regulation Act aims to counter the video game addiction of the youth by ordering internet cafe owners to ban minors from entering internet cafes during class hours. (Alyssa Bengusta)

bill (3)

(11:15 AM) Filipino film enthusiasts and indie film lovers have a new film fest to watch out for. Sinag Maynila is the newest independent film festival to join the existing array of film festivals in the country. Created by internationally acclaimed film director Brilliante Mendoza and Solar Entertainment CEO Wilson Teng, the film festival will showcase works by notable filmmakers to support the local independent cinema. For its first year, Sinag Maynila will feature five films that tap the country’s strongest issues: “Balut Country” by Paul Sta. Ana, “Bambanti” by Zig Dulay, “Imbisibol” by Lawrence Fajardo, “Ninja Party” by Jim Libiran, and “Swap” by Rempton Zuasola. The film screening will be held from March 18-24 on selected SM Cinemas, namely SM Megamall, SM North EDSA, SM Manila, SM Fairview, SM Southmall, and SM Mall of Asia, and SM Aura Premier. The awards night will be held on March 21st.


(11:13 AM) In a number of countries including Russia, France, and Spain, drones are widely used for news coverage of events and areas that are difficult to reach. News and television networks such as BBC, TF1 in France, and Russia Today have incorporated drones in their coverages and trained cameramen on how to control them.However, the use of drones particularly in Spain and France is now subject to limitations due to security issues. Drones during coverage are not allowed unless granted with special permission. Journalists from Switzerland and from Al-Jazeera network had been arrested because of using drones over restricted locations. (Coleen Manalaysay)

drones (1)drones (2)

(11:10 AM) A Texas priest allegedly gives confession through the mobile application Snapchat. The priest, who prefers to remain anonymous, goes by the username of “Priestdavid”. (Via Gonzales)

(11:08 AM) South African Salvation Army took advantage of the trending photo in the internet by having the same dress in white and gold and having a woman filled with bruises wear it for a campaign with a copy that states,‘Why is it so hard to see black and blue?’. Salvation Army is an international civil society group whose objectives include the advancement of Christian religion, education, relief of poverty and other charitable works beneficial to the society at large. Through the campaign, they aim to establish an increase in public awareness on violence against women which is a prevailing problem across the world. It diverts the attention from the color of the dress to the woman who wears it as the world celebrates International Women’s day.


(11:06 AM) DOST announced that it will launch its own satellite on 2016 and 2017. The Philippine Scientific Earth Observation Micro Satelllite or PHL Micro-Sat was a program created by the government which aims to send two satellites in the outer space to aid in disaster management, weather forecasting, and agriculture. (Winnie Mea Marquez)


(11:05 AM) Indian authorities banned the broadcast of the documentary “India’s Daughter” on television. The documentary, made by British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC), was set to air on NDTV by New Delhi Television Limited. However, the Indian government released a restraining order and sent a letter to NDTV. As a protest, NDTV blacked out their broadcast and only aired a slate of the documentary. The documentary, made by British filmmaker Leslee Udwin, tells the story of Jyoti – a medical student who was raped and murdered inside a bus in Delhi, India on 2012. Indian authorities were outraged by the documentary which showed clips of the convicted rapist who blamed the rape victim. According to Indian authorities, the documentary was a plot to humiliate the country.

(11:02 AM) CNN Philippines will now begin to air on free tv, cable tv and pay tv. The news broadcast channel was brought to the country by Nine Media Corporation Chairman Ambassador Antonio Cabangan-Chua together with Turner Broadcasting System Asia Pacific. CNN Philippines can now be viewed on free tv channels: Manila – RPN TV 9, Davao – RPN TV 9, Cebu – RPN TV 9, Zamboanga – RPN TV 5, Baguio – RPN TV 12, and Bacolod – RPN TV TV8. (Jhem Moralidad)cnn

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