• Show ends as Bro. William Mann gives his message to the Lasallian community and the listeners of 95.9 Green FM.
  • “Believe in the goodness of this nation” – Bro.William Mann
  • Bro. William Mann enjoyed the Mini Game Tagalog Phrases where he read Filipino prayers and several lines from famous Filipino movies, with anchors Aurora Quadra-Balibay and Abraham Tayao.
Bro. William reads prayers in Filipino and several lines from famous Filipino movies.
  • Bro. William Mann’s life verse is in the book of John chapter 10, the foundation of the Lasallian community.
  • “I want to believe that I’m not alone, that there’s a God, and I have a relationship with him.” – Bro. William Mann
  • Lasallian community should reach out to other countries, do a collaboration even through social media” – Bro. Mann


  • Bro. William Mann said technology looks a little complicated, but he sees its potential to help people.
  • Everyone has a dream of being accomplished” – Bro. William Mann
  • Teaching is a sacred relationship. When I meet students, I want them to meet God.” – Bro. William Mann
  • As a teacher, I was a strict young teacher…but I wanted to make the class interested.I was reluctant to fail a student.” – Bro.William Mann
  • Bro. William says he’s merciful and compassionate to students as a teacher.
  • “If you don’t know how merciful God is, how can you face the God who judges?” – Bro. William on mercy and compassion
  • The greatest contribution is the church has been clear that there is good, bad, right and wrong.” -Bro. William Mann
  • Bro. William Mann admits he loves children, but for him the Lasallian community has been a good family.


  • I don’t belong to Facebook, I don’t have twitter, but I have little free time,” said the Brother President.
  • For me as a brother probably the most difficult thing was not having my own children.” – Brother William Mann.
  • When you’re busy, you have to find time,” said Bro. Mann when asked on how he spends time with God.
  • Brother William Mann said he believes that the brothers help him to have a relationship with Jesus.
  • ” I am proud to be one of you (DLSU-D).” – Brother William Mann says of signing his name on the 95.9 Green FM station wall.
Brother William Mann, FSC D.Min during the live interview at TJF.
  • The live talk with Bro. William has started. The Brother President says he is proud to be here at DLSU-D.
  • (2:45) Brother William Man just arrived at Tanghalang Julian Felipe.
  • (02:40) Green FM staff, together with Communication and Journalism Department Chair Brenda Martinez, take a picture with Brother William at the radio studios of 95.9 Green FM La Salle Radio.
Green FM staff and DLSUD faculty takes a photo with the Brother President.
Green FM staff, together with CJD chair Brenda Martines, take a photo with the Brother President.
  • (02:35) The Brother President is now signing Green Fm’s wall tarpaulin.
The Brother President is signing the wall tarp of Green FM.
  • (02:30) The Brother President of St. Mary’s University of Minnesota and the new president of the International Association of Lasallian Universities, Br. William Mann has just arrived at the 95.9 Green FM Radio Studios in Julian Felipe Hall.
Brother William Mann, FSC D.Min visits 95.9 Green FM La Salle radio station.
  • (2:26) The administrators, staff, college deans, and students arrive at Tanghalang Julian Felipe.
  • (02:14) Registration starts at Tanghalian Julian Felipe
  • (02:00) Hosts Angie Quadra-Balibay and Abraham Tayao are now ready for Brother William Mann, FSC, D.Min’s arrival at Tanghalang Julan Felipe!

    Hosts Angie Quadra-Balibay and Abraham Tayao are now ready for the arrival of the Brother President at TJF.

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