In this episode, we celebrate and discuss the much anticipated, “Buwan Ng Wika”—an annual celebration of the Philippines’ national language. This is celebrated nationwide every August, specifically in primary and secondary schools. But this year, De La Salle University—Dasmariñas takes the stage and organizes a program for the said celebration.

It is often that people take the words, “Filipino” and “Tagalog” synonymously. During the show, the audience were asked the difference between Filipino and Tagalog and they answered:

  • “Filipino is the language that we bring within ourselves wherever we are around the globe while Tagalog is the main language that we use that other foreigners want to learn.”
  • “Tagalog is the language we use as Filipinos while Filipino is a person.”
  • “Filipino is a nationality while Tagalog is the language.”


The true difference, however, is that Filipino is the national and official language of the Philippines whereas Tagalog is a dialect used by people from Central Luzon, NCR at Southern Tagalog.

Here is an interesting fact about Buwan ng Wika:

  • From March 27-April 2, the celebration was moved to August 13-19 in honor of Manuel L. Quezon’s birthdate. He is also the Father of the National Language.

DLSU-D has been planning on a program for the celebration. The program is called “Wika Natin ang Daang Matuwid” which has a theme of ‘Larong Pinoy’. Activities such as “sack race”, “tumbang preso” and “patintero” are much awaited in the program. Parades, mass and speeches or oratories are also part of the celebration.

Our guest for this episode is Dr. Lakandupil Garcia from Kagawaran ng Filipino at Panitikan.

  • Dr. Garcia mentions that the negative effects of this celebration,in his opinion, is more noticeable than the positive effects. But he added that this celebration only shows that we actually have an intellectual language that we can use. He relates the learning process of most students to the subject Filipino, saying that they find it hard to learn it because they don’t try to learn it whole-heartedly.
  • He also wishes that aside from simply celebrating, we as Filipinos should learn how to correctly use our own language.
  • He criticizes the TV5 program name, “Talentadong Pinoy” because of its wrong use of word. According to him, there is no such word as, “talentado”. He shared his observation that whenever an individual speaks English incorrectly, he or she gets corrected immediately; but with Filipino, he or she is not prioritized.
  • When asked about the activities in relation to Buwan ng Wika, he said that one of the highlights of the program is a lecture on August 10 about, “Kalagayan ng Pagtuturo ng Filipino sa Amerika”.
  • He wraps it up with small corrections on random Filipino words as well as some tips on how to preserve the language like listening to credible people using the language.

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