Today, August 13, 2015.

Commercial fish operators, warned on protest against revised law

The commercial fishing operators and fish traders warned of a nationwide protest against the amended Philippine Fisheries Code implementation. This is known as the controversial Republic Act No. 10654, which prevents and dismisses unauthorized fishing. According to Dr. Mario Pascual, a fish trader, his group, together with other commercial fishing operators that are based in Navotas City is doing a nationwide campaign against the said law, which provides a penalty of P1 million to P45 million for the commercial fishing violators that will be caught.


Bishops urge Catholics to be active in 2016 elections

The Philippine Bishops are calling the Catholics to be active and responsible as the country prepares for the 2016 elections. According to the bishops, they will not endorse a particular candidate or party-list, but they will try to come up with a common decision that will uphold the standards and principles of Catholics. They also released a statement, saying that they are encouraging debates and public forums which will make the public more informed about the platforms, plans, positions, convictions and beliefs of the different candidates. Ministers think that in doing such meetings should be guided by a sense of fairness, dedication to the truth, and above all charity.


Palace defends Abad from Pork Allegations

Malacañang defends Budget Management Secretary Butch Abad from being included in the list of prime suspects in the Pork Barrel Scam. Presidential Communications Secretary Herminio Coloma jr denies Abad’s involvement in pork barrel scam after Lawyer Bonifacio Alentajan asked the Sandigang Bayan to add sec Abad in the list of people involved in the Priority Development Assistance Fund O P-DAF Scam. According to Coloma, the irregular transactions of the PDAF scam occurred when Secretary Abad was no longer connected to the previous administration.


DTI calls on basic goods producers to roll back prices

The Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) is now asking the manufacturers to reduce the price of basic goods due to eight consecutive rollbacks in fuel prices which sum up to more than P4.00 per liter. According to DTI undersecretary Vic Dimagiba, the price of the basic goods such as sardines, milk, coffee, instant noodles, corned beef and even cements should decrease from 0.6 to 0.9 percent because of the 20 percent reduction in fuel prices. He added that government has to make manufacturers estimate and compute the appropriate prices of their products before releasing the prices to be reduced. Moreover, DTI is expecting that the price of Pan de Sal will also cut down by P 0.05 per piece due to lower prices of sugar and LPG. DTI is now monitoring the prices of flour in the retail market to assure if the wholesale market reduced its prices which will reflect to the retailer.


Philippines has the fastest-growing market

The Philippines was declared as the fastest growing market and American carmakers second largest region, according to by Ford Motors Company. Mark Kaufman, Ford Motor Company ASEAN President, said that Philippine Ford market grew from six percent in 2012 to eight percent this year. Kaufman told the media in the opening of Ford Edsa that Philippines is a bit smaller than other markets but in terms of performance the country is really doing well. He also shared that the most expensive line up of Ford sport utility vehicle (SUV) is in the Philippines.


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