• (7:04 PM) Circuit Breakers from National College of Science and Technology (NCST) dance group is crowd’s favorite and IECEP-CAVITE’s got talent champion. Other awardees are Transverse Electric (1st runner-up) and Joseph Callo (2nd runner-up).
  • (6:40 PM) Last contestant Alexander Espina from Emilio Aguinaldo College plays guitar while audience sings along.
  • (6:36 PM) Joseph Callao from NCST shows off his singing and dancing talent.
  • (6:23 PM) Transverse Electric band from Polytechnic University of the Philippines (PUP) – Maragondon performs ‘Pretty pretty please by Pink’; One of the students from the audience says the lead vocalist ‘nailed it!’
  • (6:08 PM) Circuit Breakers dance group from NCST entertains audience by imitating different social media personalities such as the ‘pabebe girls’. Next contestant is Imus Institute Engineering dance group.
  • (5:45 PM) Another band from LPU, ECE Sessionista performs on stage.
  • (5:36 PM) Galawang ECE dance group from Lyceum of the Philippines University consists of three boys and four girls.
  • (5:28 PM) DLSU-D student and contestant Ice Sha Denise says she dedicates the song, ‘Skinny love’ to her deceased mom.
  • (5:20 PM) IECEP CSC Governor and Engineer Jomer Catipon leads oath taking of newly elected officers.
IECEP CSC Governor and Engineer Jomer Catipon leads oath taking of newly elected officers.
  • (5:17 PM) Audience cheers and applauds for performer Alvin Castillo as he sings on stage.
  • (5:06 PM) Next contestant is from Emillio Aguinaldo College; Corisa Capito performs with band as the lead vocalist, followed by CavSu student Alvin Castillo.
  • (4:58 PM) From Cavite State University, contestant Sheilla Mae Baurile shows off her dancing talent.
  • (4:50 PM) First contestant from Rogationist college, Max Mara Deligero, sings while she plays the piano.
  • (4:45 PM) Panel of Judges: Collette P. Cantada, top model and Ramp coach at Star power events, DLSU-D Graphics design and multimedia student; Allia Mae. P. Necio, Bb. Kalikasan Regional 2014 2nd runner-up and top model of star power events; Engr. Jomer Catipon, IECEP CSC most good-looking governor.
  • (4:41 PM) Hosts introduce judges and gives criteria of judging for the contest.
  • (4:28 PM) The emcees once again starts roll call of different participating schools of the assembly.


  • (4:10 PM) Sugong Pula, last year’s battle of the bands winner, performs for the opening number.
  • (4:07 PM) The program will start in two minutes.
countdown (2)
Video countdown timer for IECEP-CAVITE’S GOT TALENT has just started.
  • (3:24 PM) Almost half of ECE students are lining up to avail T-shirts from the booth.
Some ECE students take groufies through the photo booth while waiting for the video countdown
Some ECE students take group pictures through the photo booth while waiting for the video countdown
  • (3:11 PM) Students are given time to buy their shirts at ULS. Next part of the program will resume at 3:55 pm.
  • (3:04 PM)  “If you take the board exam, pass it, then you’re part of the growth of the economy.” – Engr. Tiong Jr.
Engr. Tiong Jr. ends his discussion by saying,
Engr. Tiong Jr. ends his discussion by saying, “The best and the brightest, choose excel”.
  • (3:00 PM) Excel review center has produced 31 ECE topnotchers since December 2013. They have launched an outreach program in the Northern part of Cebu by the month of November of 2013.
  • (2:56 PM) Step 5 – Believe and commit. “You have to be committed in your goal… hindi pwedeng half committed lang kayo.” – Engr. Tiong Jr.
  • (2:54 PM) Step 4 – Know your limits.
  • (2:53 PM) Engr. Tiong Jr. on preparing for review: Step 3 – Repetition is key. “Wala naman secret sa pagmememorize…the only technique to memorization is repetition.”
  • (2:52 PM) Speaker also shares his studying habit before taking the board exam. He advises students to conduct group studying. “You have to make sure na kapag maggroup study kayo, meron may isa o dalawa na may masisipag talaga, alam niyong matatalino, alam niyong may good influence sa inyo,” he says.
  • (2:45 PM) “Sa sobrang lawak ng ECE board exam, hindi natin siya kayang aralin over the night. Gagamitin talaga natin ang six months to review.”
  • (2:42 PM) Engr. on preparing for review – “You have to study yourself.”
  • (2:40 PM) “If you have your license, you become relevant,” he says.
  • (2:36 PM) “To appreciate means to increase yung value natin.” – Engr. Tiong Jr. in his talk about about the future.
  • (2:33 PM) According to Engr. Jaime C. Tiong Jr Vice president, the first step before taking the ECE board exam is, “Accept the importance of your license”.
  • (2:25 PM) Engr. Jaime C. Tiong Jr Vice president – operations Excel review center starts his discussion on how to pass the board exam. He advises to not just focus on what their review center can offer, but most of all he addresses the future of the engineering students especially in taking the ECE board exam.
  • (2:20 PM) Host starts roll call of students from different universities.
  • (2:16 PM) Announcement: Official IECEP shirts will be available after presentations, located at Southeast side of ULS
  • (2:14 PM) Program will resume in ten minutes.
  • (1:56 PM) ECE students return at Ugnayang La Salle (ULS) for the afternoon session of the program.

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