• (12:10 PM) Engr. Gabriel ended his speech. He received a warm round of applause from the audience.
  • (11:50 AM) “Kung mahirap siyang tingnan at mahirap siyang gawin sigurado aminado kayo na mahirap ito. Hindi pwedeng aral aral aral aral. Proper time management lang para maachieve natin ang goal natin.
  • (11:36 AM) Engr. Gabriel continues to interact with the audience through presenting computations using a calculator.
  • (11:22 AM) The speaker talks about the board exam, “Multiple choice sa board exam.Gagamitin natin ang reverse engineering, nirereverse ang process at tinetake natin yung reverse procedure.”
  • (10:59 AM) Engr. Gabriel asks distinct characteristics of pinoys and says, “ECE ang pinakamalakas sa engineers. Amazing Spiderman, Andrew Garfield don, ECE yon.”
  • (10:49 AM) The speaker talks about the Storing Values, Standards to decimals, worded problem, conversion of hours minutes, seconds and naming angles unit.
  • (10:45 AM) Engr Gabriel asked the crowd to take out their calculators and teaches them the basics of the calculators.
  • (10:35 AM) Engr. Gabriel discusses about Modes in the calculator. Relates the talk with the anime Naruto and connects it with the broad exams, “Mas magandang gamitin ang calculator techniques habang bata pa. Ang hindi nagbabago ay ang pagbabago. Malay niyo naman ang board exam, gawing gabi. Ang board exam tanggalin ang calculator. Malay niyo lang. Kaya always go back to basic.”
  • (10:26 AM) The speaker talks about the subjects involving mathematics in the licensure exam; the number of questions per subject and its time limits. “Your calculators can help you because it can be used to simplify 70-80% of the problems in Engineering Mathematics Board Exam.”
  • (10:24 AM) Engr. Gabriel started his speech by talking about Electronics Engineering Licensure Examination.
  • (10:19 AM) The second speaker starts his discussion with an energizer.
  • (10:15 AM) Engr. Manacop ended his speech, followed by the introduction of another speaker, Engr. Emmanuel Gabriel.
  • (10:09 AM) Engr. Manacop reiterates, “We could increase yung stature as an engineer if you know better. Just attend your class regularly and be interested sa alternative, renewable energy.”
  • (10:03 AM) The speaker explained about human power. Human power is just using natural body movement to produce energy.”Fifteen years old in the Philippines nakagawa ng sole power generator in shoes. You can charge while moving. Voice powered cellphone in Japan– everytime you call, you charge. Ang body heat pwede din i-convert sa energy para sa mga accessories. Yung google, they are trying to make radar technology. Pati damit gusto na rin gawing electronic with the use of body heat.”
  • (9:56 AM) “Yung brain natin can store 2,000 terrabytes. Pero may isang Chinese na merong 230 ang IQ, Einstein 160, stephen hawking 190. Your eyes is 378mp” “Storage ay di problema, retention ang problema.”
  • (9:52 AM) Engr. Andrew Manacop talks about Cynobacteria, a bacteria derived from sunlight that can also be a source of energy.
  • (9:50 AM) The speaker discusses about the power from two energy sources.“I think this can provide us a higher source of energy.” “Baka in the future di na tayo naka-connect sa Meralco.” “Pagdating ng panahon, every single source of energy can be used. Pwedeng isang solar powered source and yung isa airborne turbine naman so pwedeng paganahin na lahat ng electronics ko sa bahay. Dito po wala nang magkakaroon ng jumper, panigurado!”
  • (9:45 AM) A video is presented ( an excerpt from Baymax movie trailer). “Maybe in the future, magkakaroon na rin ng air balloons powered by windmill which can also be used as a source of energy in our homes. Of course, wireless pa rin and kailangan nasa taas siya ng bahay. Another is the flying wind farms, ito yung mga kite-like airborne turbines spinning in high altitudes.”
  • (9:42 AM) “Electrictricy generating tire can also be a source of power kasi pag umaalog-alog yung car, may friction yun and it produces heat so pwede na magkaroon ng power. Good year po ang gumagaw nito ngayon. Another is the 3D printed solar energy trees. Ginagawa na ito ngayon in mass production.”
  • (9:35 AM) The speaker claims that transmitting power through wireless is possible now, “Pwedeng ipasa ang power through wireless transmission. Why not directly get the energy from space? Mitsubishi may ginawa silang satellite that could get 10 killowatt energy na can power up kitchen appliances. May dinadagdag na sa dictionary ngayon na “wearable” kasi gadget siya na sinusuot, accessory na pero how will you power them? Wirelessly.”
  • (9:30 AM) Engr. Manacob continues his discussion about the technologies from the future, “Apple is planning to buy Tesla motors kasi they want to have electronic cars which is ginagawa na ngayon ng Tesla Motors. We will just need a charging station tapos sa spherical sun power generator siya dapat i-charge. When this happens, Apple will be hiring 8,000 new employees when they come here to the Philippines.”
  • (9:25 AM) The speaker boosted the student’s confidence with their course, “Lahat ng courses, pwedeng pasukan ng ECE. Ang tawag sa ECE ay versatile engineering pero palaging binu-bully ang ECE sinasabi na “easy e but what you need to do is tudy more, study harder. When I added engineer on my name, I felt fulfilled na. The first time I heard my name with Enginerr, iba yung feeling. Nung napasa ko yung board exam, isusubo ko nalang yung pagkain, titigil pa ko kasi nangingiti ako.”
  • (9:22 AM) “We need to conserve energy. A waste of one may be a source of one. A technology from the future, the spherical sun power generator will squeeze more power from the sun. It’s rotating. Tumatapat siya sa direction ng sun and this can be used to charge electronic appliances,” Engr. Manacop reiterates.
  • (9:16 AM) Speaker discusses Hydraulic Power, Geothermal power source and Solar Power.
  • (9:10 AM) Engr. Manacop explains technology and renewable energy, “If you know about technology, people will ask you about technology. Mataas yung requirement and demand ng power. Energy is neither created nor destroyed so we need to go back and conserve energy. For ECE students, the tagline is we find ways kasi we need to find sources of energy.”
  • (9:07 AM) “I want to discuss about renewable energy. I want you to be aware what electronics is all about. I want you to be proud of your course. I want to promote ECE. Dapat pag sinabing ECE, taas noo! We will be advancing. By 2017 sabi that ECE will be one of the in demand course.” – Engr. Andrew Manacop
  • (9:06 AM) The host introduces the first speaker, Engineer John Andrew Manacop from Mapua Institute of Technology.
  • (9:04 AM) Programs starts. The host is Trecemar Rebamba from PUP Maragondon. He started it with a roll call of the participating schools. Clark Dilidili from NCST led the opening prayer.
  • (8:55 AM) Students from the 2nd floor of Alumni building are starting to pile at the entrance of the 3rd floor to transfer venue because of some technical difficulty in the 2nd floor of the same building.
  • (8:21 AM) The first speaker arrives.
  • (8:10 AM) Students from different schools such as CVSU, EAC, PUP, SSB, LPU, DLSU-D, Rogationist College and NCST are arriving at the venue.
  • (7:00 AM) Electronics and Communication Engineering (ECE) students start to register at Alumni Building.

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