Duterte is not interested to run for president in 2016 elections

Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte said that he was no longer interested in running for president in the 2016 national elections. Duterte mentioned three reasons why: first, he has no money; second, he is not healthy enough; and third, his family doesn’t want him to. On the other hand, the voters and commoners still hope that Duterte will change his mind and will run for presidency. They believe that the Davao City Mayor is the only presidential with a change agenda.


El Niño will be stronger this September

El Niño is expected to be strong this coming September until the arrival of 2016, according to experts. Malacañang gave assurance that they are prepared to El Niño phenomenon. President Benigno Noynoy Aquino III has been watching the situation carefully, even before the recent news about the coming El Niño. PNoy prepared actions for the preparation to prevent worst effects especially to the world of agriculture. According to US National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s Climate Prediction Center, this year’s expected El Niño will be considered as the strongest and longest in the history since 1950.


OWWA warns OFWs on loan scams

The Overseas Worker Welfare Administration (OWWA) informs the public, especially the OFWs to take precautionary measures regarding various scams. In Hong Kong, reports say that a certain loan scam compels OFWs to deposit 1,000 Hong Kong Dollars. OWWA Administrator Rebecca Calzado guarantees the public that there is no loan compared to that of which is being implemented in Hong Kong. She advised the public to be more careful and vigilant in handling said scams.The Philippine Labor Overseas Office (POLO) in Hong Kong recommends in making consent regarding transactions to further avoid irregularities.


Johnson Health tech agrees to pay fine over Exercise equipment defects.

Johnson Health Tech agrees to pay a $3 million fine after failing to report defects in their Matrix Fitness Ascent Trainers and Elliptical Trainers. According to the Consumer Product Safety Commission, the equipment’s defect was that a moisture build up in the equipment’s sockets coming from the perspiration and cleaning liquids might cause it to short circuit, caught fire or spark which may lead to serious injuries. Johnson Health receives reports about the defects and made two designs to help fix the defect but failed to immediately report the defects to the CPSC. Last January 2014, Johnson Health recalled the Matrix Fitness Ascent Trainers and Elliptical trainers with 3000 of its units sold nationwide. Adding to the $3 million dollar fine, Johnson Health tech agrees that the company will maintain compliance to the Consumer Product Safety Act.


Paras impresses PBA legends

Kobe Paras impressed the Philippine Basketball Association (PBA) legends with his basketball playing and dunking skills, as they play the Nike Rise event last Saturday along with the past, present and future PBA stars. According to PBA player Alvin Patrimonio, Kobe has improved a lot from the time he first saw him play. Although Kobe rarely plays in his hometown, he doesn’t fail to impress the people by impressing them his skills and strength in basketball. Patrimonio added that it is not impossible for Kobe to be a part of the National Basketball Association (NBA) in the future.


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