As part of the centennial anniversary of 95.9 Green FM, One on One Usapan invited station’s alumni Disk Jockey (DJ), King Spider, from batch 2005 to 2007 to feature his incredible life story, focusing on his successes.

As he was warmly welcomed by hosts Erika Bianca Lasay and JC Cosico, Jon Oscar Lois Spider Rodas reminisced his experiences as one of the former DJs of the station which was then called, “95.9 La Salle Radio”. As of now, he is taking his Master’s Degree in Adventist University of the Philippines (AUP) and is currently on a study leave as a lecturer in North Western University.

One on One Usapan Hosts Erika Lasay and JC Cosico welcomes guest alumni announcer, Spider Rodas, back on the air.
One on One Usapan Hosts Erika Lasay and JC Cosico welcomes guest alumni announcer, Spider Rodas, back on the air.

In high school, Spider was a part of their campus newspaper. He attended Pasay City Academy but then transferred to Ilocos Adventist School because of getting kicked out for getting some of his friends to come with him in a forbidden Japanese Cave. He said, “’Yung pagiging leader ko noon, na tsaka ko na lang na-rerealize noong paglaki ko na napakalaking responsibilidad pala ng pagiging leader.” All the troubles that he has done got him a terrible consequence. But now, he believes that the opportunities he took then, were not wasted for he is the current overseer of the high school student talents, being the head of the performing arts group. At the age of 16, he already experienced the field of media when he became a DJ in a radio station.

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One on One Usapan Host Erika Lasay anchors the radio show.

Spider was supposed to study college in AUP but since there were no media-related courses in the said school, he went to DLSU-D. He said, “Na-in love na ‘ko sa lugar, na-in love na ‘ko sa school at ‘yun na ang tumatak sa dugo ko.” Having the “broadcasting lifestyle” within his hands and journalism as one of his expertise, Spider Rodas said that he chose AB Communication because among the five specializations Communications department offered, this was the field he was not much familiar with. Spider was a very active college student. He was both a photographer and a literary writer at the university’s official publication, The Heraldo Filipino; editor-in-chief of Periodico, student government’s publication; and, the vocalist and the guitarist of CLAC’s Pool of Talents’ official band, Livewire.

Having two bands at the same time – “Livewire” of CLAC official band and “Starfish” from CEAT bands. Spider performed with his bands inside and outside the campus. They composed songs and performed with other bands in University of the Philippines (UP) Almuni House. Because of his passion in music, he decided to save up money and build his own recording studio, which, up to now, has been helping several amateur bands and artists record their own songs.

Host Erika Lasay asks DJ Spider about his likes and dislikes.
Host Erika Lasay asks DJ Spider about his likes and dislikes.

Spider likes TV series such as Walking Dead, Arrow, The Flash, Mr. Robot and Dominion, a show about archangels Michael and Gabriel. He also likes real people and shared ways to know if the person is telling the truth. Contrary to majority of the public, he is not a fan of Vice Ganda jokes. At first he said that he was on to it but as the jokes went on and on, he got tired of it. He said, “I’d rather have intelligent jokes or dark comedy rather than insulting jokes na para bang,kailangan mo pa ba talagang mang-insulto ng tao para makapagpatawa lang?” When asked about his biggest fear, he said, “’Yung mayroon kang gustong ipatuto sa isang tao na hindi niya natutunan, iba ‘yung pagkaintindi niya. ‘Yun yung nakakatakot.

If he wasn’t involved in a media-related course and lifestyle, Spider said, “Siguro, malamang eh, nagbi-build na ko ng bahay. Either mga bridges or probably a carpenter.

Unlike his career, Spider’s love life is not much on the bright side. He said, “Recently lang, parang isang tubig na nilagyan mo ng jsang kutsaritang Milo—lumabo. So kailangan kong inumin ung Milo, tapos bubuhusan na naman natin ng panibagong batch ng tubig. Kailangan ‘yung mas malinaw na — huwag masyadong malamig, dahil kung masyadong lumamig, baka tumigas na parang yelo.”

Here is some of the Q and A transcription from the students’ queries about Spider:

Q: “How did you manage your academic life and your extra-curricular activities and what are your tips for the students who are trying to do the same?”

A: “First sa mga acads natin, tanggapin mo na ‘yun ang course mo. Pag-ininternalize mo na yan ang buhay mo, mas madali na yang tanggapin. Ang nagpapakomplikado lang naman ng mga buhay-buhay natin is ‘yung pagiging reklamador natin. Once you’ve learned to accept the truth, mas magiging madali na ang mga bagay-bagay.

Q: “What is your advice to the aspiring DJs?”

A: “Physically, ang sikreto lang niyan ay open your mouth when you talk para ma-enunciate mo lahat ng vowels. Alamin mo ang right pronunciations para hindi ka pagtawanan on air. Dapat confident ka. Ang pinaka-weapon mo is ‘yung boses mo and how you wield your voice.

Q: “Why is your name, Spider? Is there any history why you were named Spider?”

A: “’Yung Spider na pangalan ay binigay sakin ng isang taong hindi na natin kasama ngayon.

One on One Usapan team, waiting for the students who will ask questions about Spider.
One on One Usapan team, waiting for the students who will ask questions about Spider.

When asked about how he defines success, Spider said, “It is when you go to sleep and smile.For his last advice to the listeners especially to the aspiring announcers, Spider said, “Just accept your new life, love your new life and live your new life.”


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