Green FM Public Affairs show, Kausap, featured quite the interesting topic on Wednesday, September 2, which revolved around two situations; people not being courted or not courting anyone and people who just experienced a break-up. Various experiences from students regarding the topic were tackled with the help of the Student Wellness Center, Ms. Louela Lacsamana and Ms. Arlene Bernardo.

The show’s main focus was listening to multiple inputs form the students about their experiences regarding being single, either by choice or because of separation, and then have the guest experts to state their opinions in relation to these inputs while at the same time giving appropriate advice.

According to  Louela Lacsamana, the reason as to why students, mainly girls, start thinking about wanting to be with someone romantically is mainly because they got bored of their current status. They also start thinking about the reason as to why guys aren’t courting them and if their faults are to blame. The experts also mentioned that these thoughts can also arise from being pressured by your friends and wanting to experience what they’re experiencing.

The experts advised the following for the individuals that are currently single and in search for a relationship. Ms. Arlene Bernardo advised that they shouldn’t let themselves be influenced by peer pressure and that they should just enjoy their freedom instead. Ms. Louela also advised them to enjoy life as a single individual while doing what you want to do in life and finding your own worth. She also mentioned that by being single, you ae preventing yourself from experiencing premature pain.

For the people who want to move-on from a previous relationship, Ms. Louela explained that they had to go through five stages in order to completely get over the pain. First would be the denial stage where they are still in a state of shock. Next would be anger directed not only in the situation but also in themselves. After that would be the bargaining stage in which they start to bring back what has been lost. The fourth stage is depression after finally realizing that they have broken-up. The final stage is acceptance. This stage is very important because you can start moving on after you’ve accepted the reality of what happened. It is also vital for them to confront the situation and avoid getting stuck on one stage. Ms. Bernardo also mentioned that there are times that a break-up is needed in order to further strengthen the connection between them.

The experts also assured that pain isn’t forever and that there’s always light at the end of the tunnel. Give yourself enough time to heal while including your situation in prayer.


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