BJPC spearheads responsible voting seminar

De La Salle University – Dasmarinas’ Broadcast Journalism Program Council (BJPC) of Communication and Journalism Department (CJD) will conduct a responsible voting seminar on September 29 in Tanghalanga Julian Felipe. The seminar aims to increase awareness on how important people’s vote are as well as their voices for the 2016 elections. In addition, the event aspires to educate the students with the current status of Philippine government and different politicians’ social strategies on and before the election.


Aquino denies tax proposals

President Benigno Aquino III turned downed the proposals for lower income tax rate and higher Value-added tax (VAT). The president said that no new taxes will be imposed during the remainder of his term. The President said that he was not convinced with the proposals for the taxes. He explained that lowering income taxes may result to an inflated deficit since there will be reductions in the country’s revenue and a bigger deficit may bring negative effects to the country’s economy. He also added that increasing the percentage of the VAT will hit the income of all classes of society, which will bring forth the possibility in the increase in price of oil that may eventually affect cost of services and products. When Aquino assumed office in 2010, he promised not to raise taxes, except from the higher taxes on sin products. At present, the government collects a 32-percent tax on the monthly income of employees in the country.


PH economy growth faces healthcare risk

The inadequate access to healthcare in the country can cause slow growth in the Philippines’ economic progress, as per Victoria Institute of Strategic Economic Studies Of Australia Research Director Peter Sheehan. According to Sheehan, the losses that the government has recorded for the non-communicable diseases (NCD) reached four percent of the gross domestic product of the country per year. He warned that it is expected to have a rising case of NCDs in the country that can reach up to six percent in the year 2030. Included in the NCDs are cancer, respiratory ailments, obesity, and diabetes. It was assumed that the cause of these covers the slow response of the government toward the traffic congestion, pollution, and other stress.


Samsung reduces workforce due to low sales

Samsung Electronics Company will possibly reduce jobs in China amid the reduction of their smartphone sales. According to Tencent Holdings Ltd. Owned QQ.com, the South Korean handset giant Samsung is planning to remove more than 1,000 employees in the biggest smartphone market. Their reduction of employees is equivalent to nine percent of the workforce of China which includes the Marketing, Sales and Product Development. Samsung is now facing competition from other corporations such as Xiaomi Corporation and Huwaei Technologies Co. Ltd. After Samsung confirms their reduction, the company will join HTC Corporation and Lenovo Group Limited which also announced jobs reduction in their smartphone units.

US seizes music sharing site

United States (US) authorities have seized Sharebeast website which is said to be the largest illegal music-sharing operation based in the country. According to Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) which represents some of the major music labels, they were grateful for the anti-piracy operation of the Justice Department and FBI to the website. RIAA added that the network was hosting more than 100,000 files with violation of copyright. Meanwhile, Cary Sherman, RIAA chairman and chief executive, explained that it is a huge win for the music community who fights for legitimate music services.


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