4:00 – Start of Media Watch

4:00 – Anchor’s greetings

4:01 – Media Watch Headlines

4:02 – News brief of DZUP Radio Circle celebrates its 10th year anniversary.

4:03 – News brief of Metropolitan Alliance of Communication Students event #Connected2015

4:04 – News brief of Digital Journalism Awards recognition of various media groups.

4:05 – Live report of Hannah Tulalian, ABS-CBN response to file complaint of interruption of the noontime show Eat Bulaga.

4:06 – News brief of Israel’s invention of a pocket device called Scio that can identify the composition of foods and drinks.

4:08 – Media Watch – Media Headlines

4:09 – Station break

4:11 – Media Watch – Back on air

4:11 – Live report of Darlyn Balagot, BBC Network won a prestigious award on Online News Association for Public Service Journalism

4:13 – News brief of National Seminar Workshop on Campus Journalism and  the Digital Media  with the theme Strengthening Campus Journalism Through Digital Media

4:13 – Live report Timmy Joy Lomarda, Cable News Network Vice President for News and Current affairs released his resignation letter.

4:15 – News brief of Israeli journalist Mosi Kirschenbaum passed away after the day of his 76th birthday.

4:16 – Live report of Rafael Santos, Wesleyan Argus, campus newspaper, released an opinion editorial about the student movement Black Lives Matter.

4:20 – News brief of Heneral Luna as entry of the Philippines in Oscars 2016.

4:21 – Live report Lorielyn Hermo, the Cable News Network Philippines or CNN retrenched 30 junior employees to improve financials and earn profits.

4:22 – News brief of Vietnam Proposal on National Press Management and Planning towards 2025, which proposes that Vietnam will have fewer print and more digital newspapers.

4:23 – Media Watch – Communication Technology Headlines

4:24 – Station Break

4:26 – Media Watch – Back on air

4:26 – News brief of Windows 10 launch received privacy complaints because of its compromise users’ privacy because of its default settings.

4:27 – Live report Vernette Ramirez, Globe Telecommunication Company bans 30,000 cellular numbers due to promo-scamming schemes.

4:29 – News brief of Google’s plan to provide high-speed internet wi-fi service to 100 rail stations to India.

4:30 – News brief of Microsoft Corporation released the latest addition of Windows Office to its cloud-based subscription service.

4:31 – News brief of Twitter which was found to contain malware links caused by cyber criminals.

4:32 – News brief of Universal Internet as Zuckerberg and Gates join forces in the goal of giving internet access across the world this 2020.

4:33 – News brief of  Thailand government requests a single gateway in order to strengthen internet monitoring.

4:34 – Live report of Princess Arugay, Globe telecom requests for Philippine long distance telephone company or PLDT to open it IP peering address

4:35 – News brief of President Noynoy Aquino who organizes Cybersecurity Intra-Agency Committee to secure cyber attacks.

4:37 – News brief of Universal Internet as Zuckerberg and Gates join forces in the goal of giving internet access across the world this 2020.

4:37 – Station break

4:41 – Media Watch – Back on air

4:42 – Guest interview, via phone patch, with Justin Michael Beneraba, president of Metropolitan Alliance of Communication Students

4:43 – “Our aim is to have a strong connection with communication students.” – Mr. Beneraba

4:43 – “We decided to have the hashtag  #Connected2015 with the word connected, meaning connection, to  communication students.” – Mr. Beneraba

4:45 – Talked about how students can join the Metropolitan Alliance of Communication Students, through checking their social networking accounts

4:46 – Station break

4:47 – Guest Interview via phone patch, Ms. Ces Tan, president of DZUP Radio Circle

4:48 – Talked about the preparation of the 10th year celebration of DZUP Radio Circle.

4:49 – Talked about how the DZUP Radio Circle started.

4:50 – Talked about the management of the diverse membership of DZUP.

4:51 – Talked about their strategies to make students appreciate the importance of radio in the Philippines today.

4:51 – “We also use social media, because obviously, we don’t want it to die” –Ms. Tan

4:52 – Closing of Media Watch

4:53 – Green FM song


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