(11:56) Host Erika Lasay wraps up and ends the show.

(11:50) What to expect in the Heraldo Filipino website: faster and dynamic way of accessing news and information, literature, photography, and other creation of the organization; and instant view of previous and present issues of Heraldo Filipino.

(11:49) – “3-years in the making na ‘yung website.” Daniella says they also have web developer for the website.

(11:48) Sir Garcia and Daniella Cortez share their preparations to launch the HF website.

(11:41) Daniella Cortez, on the other hand, says one of the things she dislikes the most are the sleepless nights, which she now experiences in college.

(11:39) Sir Lakandupil Garcia’s aims to be the President of the Philippines, but admits that before achieving such dream, securing funds should be the firs step.

(11:32) Daniella Cortez, who grew up and studied in UAE, wasn’t able to experience JS prom and graduation in high school. Most of her teachers and classmates are Indian.

(11:31) “Kung hindi ka rebelde, o hindi kriminal, masaya nuong martial law e.” – Sir Garcia

(11:23) During Martial Law, Sir Garcia, in his high school years, was given ‘President Marcos medal of distinction’ because of his honesty.

(11:17) Daniella Cortez says she wanted to take up AB Journalism, but ends up taking AB Psychology instead. But regardless, she still pursues her passion in journalism by joining Heraldo Filipino.

(11:16) “Nung bata ako, ang tingin nila sakin nuon ay weakling, parang walang magagawa. Takot akong magkamali.” – Sir Garcia.

(11:14) Sir Lakandupil Garcia and Daniella Cortez share their childhood experiences.

(11:13) Launching of Heraldo Filipino website was moved on Friday, Oct. 9, 2015.

(11:10) Co-Host JC Cosico introduces guests: Lakandupil Garcia, present faculty at Kagawaran ng Filipino at Panitikan department and adviser of Heraldo Filipino; and Daniella Cortez Editor-in-chief of Heraldo Filipino.

(11:08) One on one usapan is on air, hosted by Erika Lasay.


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