4:01 – Greetings of anchor Harlene on behalf of Aurora Quadra-Balibay

4:01 – Headline


4:03 – Live Report (Dengue) of Timmy Lomarda

  • Ms. Aimee (Interviewee)

4:05-  Anchor Harlene reads news brief; Facebook plan for 2010

4:06 – Anchor Harlene reads news brief; Covering Lumad Crisis beyond “He Said, She said Journalism”

4:07 – Anchor introduces Lorie Hermo; Live Report about PWD’s new technology devices

(Interviewee) Ms Karen: “Para sakin makakatulong ‘yun para ‘di maramdaman ng PWD’s na wala silang purpose”

4:09- Anchor Harlene reads news brief

4:10- Anchor Harlene reads upcoming news..

4:11- Station Break

4:11- 4:12 –  Plugs

4:12- Facebook removes harsh criticisms; Live report fof Mangie Paredes;

Live from ICTC, Ms Mariane Ubaldo “ Advocacy naman ‘yung page, ang wrong is ‘yung mga taong nakaka-misinterpret.”

4:14- 4:15 – Anchor Harlene reads news brief

4:15- Back to Chelsea Montilla’s live report; CCJE 2nd year student “May karapatan ang mga pulis na humingi ng information sa website na ito na hindi pinapaalam sa mga victims or suspect nito.”

4:17 – April Cenedoza’s live report; “Mas OK ‘yun kasi matagal naman siyang nagtatrabaho sa ABS-CBN.” – Meryl Tablang, Broadcast Journalism junior.

4:19- Anchor Harlene reads news brief about journalist shot dead in India

4:20-Anchor Harlene reads news brief

4:21- 4:23- Daniel Galacan’s Live report about asian media awards;

4:23 – Anchor Harlene reads news brief

4:23- 4:24 -Anchor Harlene reads news brief

4:24- 4:25 – Station Break

  • Plugs and Stingers

4:26 – Anchor Harlene introduces communication technology reports

4:26 – Jenny Preta most wanted was finally caught; Krisella Dagdag’s Live report;

4:26-  Vernette Ramirez’ Live report about Toyota;

4:27- 4:28 – Cyber Security Measures; news brief

4:28- 4:30 Back to Krisella Dagdag; Jenny Preta was finally caught by Manila Police Station; Joseph Legazpi live from CJE; “the Technology now can be an advantage especially now….”

4:30- Iphone 6 plus news brief

4:31- 4:33- Live report of Danica Honrado about Robocoach; EXPERT “Hindi possible na magkaroon ng ganitong advance na technology pero para din ito sa mga senior citizens for them to help in terms of exercising”

4:33- Anchor Harlene reads news brief about DOST’s upgrading smartphones.

4:33- 4:36- Pope emoji’s; Live report by Mylene Sobrevilla;  “Very interesting siya kasi as a user parang mas ma-e-explore natin ‘yung ganoong Emoji’s”, “Very special din kasi ang interesting kasi unlike any other emojis siyempre si Pope ‘yun.”

4:36-4:38-  Station Break; Plugs and Stingers

4:38- Anchor Harlene introduces the first guest

Former national chair of the National Union of Journalists in the Philippines (NUJP) Inday Espina-Varona is on the line.

4:42- Anchor Harlene asks, “What are the ethics when covering the Lumad Crisis? “We should know how to distribute the information.”

4:45- Station Break;  plugs and stingers

4:46 -Anchor Harlene introduces organizers and part of the cast Lara Jose and Yats Santos from Gray: The Musical

“We transpose it to the genre in which everyone would understand.”

“It’s a blend of a lot of emotions, because we have different genres and [it is] originally a gothic genre.”

“With expectations, I hope the audience will not just focus on its horror genre, but would focus on Jane’s journey.”

“The Lasallians will get a lot with Jane. We hope we became an inspiration. It’s all about hope, not just with woman’s. “

4:53- End of the interview with the guests

4:53- Spiels; 10th year anniversary on Sunday, October 25.

4:54- Closing spiels

4:55 – END


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