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Biomedical engineers develop polarized cellphones that can detect malaria

Biomedical engineers at Texas A&M University are progressing towards conversion of smart phones into a polarized microscope that can identify malaria.

Scientists revealed that, “an application software would take that image and automatically count the number of red blood cells, count the number of parasites over different fields of view. And then by doing that you can determine if they have malaria or not.” The device can analyze in just minutes using the phone application.


Senator JV Ejercito faces plausible charges of Graft and Malversation

The Ombudsman of the Philippines found out that Senator JV Ejercito violated the Section 3 of R.A 33019 also known as the anti graft and corrupt practices law. This is for buying illegal and dangerous fire arms last February 2008 when he was still the seated as the mayor of San Juan.

According to the Ombudsman, Ejercito filed a request to the city council to use the calamity funds in shouldering the payment to buy the firearms for the “investments for disaster preparedness” that reached more than 2 million pesos. The request was said passed by the council under the ordinance no. 9 for the San Juan police department.


‘Hotspot’ countries initiates promotion of Geothermal Energy

Thirty-six countries participated in promoting geothermal energy in developing economies as a cleaner alternative for oil, gas, and carbon.

Global Geothermal Alliance was launched during the UN Climate talks at Le Bourget, aimed to increase geothermal electricity production and triple geothermal-derived heating by 2030.

Accoring to the alliance, they are seeking to overcome “political uncertainty” about geothermal usage and strengthening industry’s skill-base. Africa, Southeast Asia and Latin America, Kenya, Tanzania, Malaysia, Guatemala, and Philippines are some of the thermal “hotspots” that are members of the organization.


Taguig city government warns residents against bocha buying

The city government of Taguig warned its residents about the widespread selling of contaminated meat. Authorities encouraged customers to purchase only to accredited slaughterhouse and distributors.

According to Taguig mayor Lani Cayetano, “hot meat” or “double dead” meats are rampant due to the nearing holiday season. Consumers preparing for Noche Buena and the new year marks the high demand of meat. The City Veterinary Office and barangay officials are open for reports.

“We ask our citizens to be vigilant and report any case of contaminated meat products being sold within the city. We should not compromise our health in order to save money,” Cayetano added.


Ana “The Hurricane” Julaton now ready for her 4th MMA fight

Fil-Am professional boxer and now Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) Artist Ana “The Hurricane” Julaton is now thrilled for her upcoming fight against Russia’s Irina Mazepa on Friday, December 11, at the Mall Of Asia Arena in Pasay City.

Accoring to Julaton, it is an honor to fight in the Philippines and in front of many Filipinos, making her so excited to enter the cage for the upcoming combat.

Though it is just Julaton’s fourth fight in MMA, she promised to do her very best to win the fight in the name of her banner country, the Philippines, extending her gratitude to her “Kababayan” for their unyielding support.

As of now, Julaton is still on training together with his boxing coach Angelo Reyes and the youngest American to receive a black belt under the Gracie family, grappling coach Ricky Lundell.

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