• (5:02 PM) As the program ends, the Good News Pilipinas team had a photo with Mr. Ivan Bilugan.
• (5:00 PM) “To engage in colorizing, you have to have a love for history and helping the country.” – Mr. Ivan Bilugan
• (4:57 PM) Colorization process starts with the research of the back story and details of the photo.
• (4:55 PM) “Photo colorization is not just colorization. This is to revive and revisit our history in a more vibrant way.” – Ivan Bilugan
• (4:52 PM) He is inspired to continue what he is doing when he receives positive comments.
• (4:52 PM) Mr. Ivan Bilugan is planning to collaborate with the Met project.
• (4:45 PM) “Photo colorization is putting color in monochrome photos. I want to put colors to put another perspective in it.” – Ivan
• (4:45 PM) His work started with photo colorizing a 1952 photo of his mother in Amadeo.

Mr. Ivan Bilugan talks about his colorization works.

Mr. Ivan Bilugan talks about his colorization works.

• (4:42 PM) Ivan Bilugan is back at Green FM to tell about his Philippine History colorization project.
• (4:40 PM) Dare to Move is on January 29 at DLSU-D Ugnayang La Salle and Marketing Head Selina Mae Supnet invites everyone to join.

Dare to Move Mktg Head Ms. Supnet talks about the hiphop dance contest.

• (4:38 PM) Dare to Move’s grand prize is P30,000.
• (4:36 PM) Dare to Move is a freestyle and hiphop dance competition for Cavite high school students.
• (4:34 PM) DLSUD continues eco-friendly sustainable programs.
• (4:32PM) DLSUD is holding STARS Raffle for the priority programs of the school.
• (4:30 PM) Dubai resident Barney Almazar recognized by TOYM of the Junior Chamber International Philippines.
• (4:28 PM) The biggest art fair Philippines is happening on February in Makati.
• (4:22 PM) More chinese travelers are planning to explore hidden gems in Asia especially in Dumaguete, Philippines.
• (4:20 PM) Student volunteers are joining the clean-up drive to give back the life for the Metropolitan Theater headed by NCCA.
• (4:00 PM) Good News Pilipinas is now on air.


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