1,750 MMDA personnel assigned on EDSA 30th Anniv

Metropolitan Manila Development Authority (MMDA) has allocated 1,750 personnel to help with the 30th Anniversary of EDSA People Power Revolution on Thursday, February 25.

According to MMDA Chairman Emerson Carlos, the personnel will be sent to the vicinity of historic People Power Monument, together with rescue vehicles and two trucks.


Comelec wants public trust on elections

Commision on Elections (Comelec) plans on fixing the system of their organization in an attempt to gain back public trust, specifically during elections.

Comelec Chairman Andres Bautista said they are already aware of the public’s doubt on their transparency for the election, as resulted from the Pulse Asia Survey.


Malacañang assures Pulse Asia Survey result isn’t true

Malacañang Palace told public sectors not to fret about the Pulse Asia Survey result, where 39% of Filipinos voted that cheating may occur during elections.

Communication Sec. Sonny Coloma said in a statement that the Palace will also be watchful of any suspicious scheme and that they are one with the Comelec. Their main goal is to secure clean elections this May 2016.


Victims of San Bernardino shootout support efforts to hack iPhone

Family members of victims and survivors of the San Bernardino mass shooting last December 3, 2015 will file court papers in support of the judge’s order that Apple Inc. should help the FBI hack into a locked iPhone as part of the terrorism investigation.

Los Angeles attorney, Stephen Larson said that he will file a brief supporting document to the Justice Department before March 3 this year in behalf of the victim’s family.


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