In the headlines of Tutok Lasalyano…

Malacañang supports DOJ on SAF44 investigation

Malacañang defends Department of Justice (DOJ) despite failure to resolve the SAF44 issue last 2015.

Ammonia gas leak causes inconvenience to Cavite residents

At least 20 Residents of Carmona, Cavite were hospitalized as they felt stomachache, difficulty in breathing, and dizziness due to an alleged leak of ammonia gas in an ice factory.

Mosul Dam Baghdad in danger of extreme deluge

Residents of Baghdad, including Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs), are being evacuated by the Iraqi Government due to Mosul Dam’s possibility to collapse and cause an massive flooding, that may reach up to 18 feet high.

Quark Heneras comments on the reason for deaths in the entertainment industry

Film director Quark Heneras posts in a social networking site that directors experience extreme irregularities in working hours and condition on TV productions causing them to suffer from illnesses.

All these and more at 95.9 Green FM!


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