Lt. Gen. Delgado retires as PAF chief

Lieutenant General Jeffrey Delgado, the commanding general of the Philippine Air Force (PAF), is stepping down from his position as the air force chief after two years of service.

According to Delgado, his service was able to boost the air power of the air force from 40 operational aircraft in 2014 to 90 operational aircraft at present time. Meanwhile, Delgado will be replaced by the current Deputy Chief of Staff of the Armed Forces of the Philippines, Major General Edgar Fallorina. Delgado’s retirement give President Aquino enough time to appoint his preferred replacement as the new air force chief before the appointment ban on March 25.


Malacañang assures no Zika Virus outbreak in the Philippines

The Malacañang announces that the Philippines is not under Zika Virus outbreak.

A report about an American caught Zika Virus four weeks after visiting the Philippines early January has been confirmed.

According to Communications Secretary Herminio Coloma Jr, the government is working hand in hand with the Department of Health in detection, isolation, and providing medicine for those who have and will catch the virus.

The American was reported to be diagnosed Zika Virus only in her return to the United States.

According to Health Secretary Janette Garin, DOH is coordinating with US Centers for Disease Control for the profile of the patient and to know the places that she visited in the country.


Riau under state of emergency due to forest and land fires

Indonesia’s western province declared Riau in a state of emergency because of land and forest fires in the island of Sumatra. The fires cost an estimated $16 billion, and pushed the average daily greenhouse gas emissions above those of the United States.

According to provincial government spokesman Darusman, the governor has declared an emergency to be able to prevent another forest haze that occurred last 2015. About 500 military and police personnel and water-bombing helicopter deployed to help fight the fires.

One suspected reason for the haze is the prolonged dry season caused by the El Niño weather pattern. Indonesian President Joko Widodo has urged authorities to contain so-called hotspots, where fires start and spread to their surroundings.


Maria Sharapova admits drug test failure

Tennis player Maria Sharapova acknowledges failure in drug test results for the upcoming Australian open. Atty. John Haggerty, her lawyer, confirms that Sharapova faces provisional suspension effective on March 12th.

The International Tennis Federation decided to suspend the five-time grand slam champion after she confessed positivity to Meldonium, a medicine that she has been drinking since 2006 because of health issues.

Sharapova immediately defends innocence to the rule that was only implemented early January. The athlete claims responsibility for all the mishaps of her reign as a star player. Sharapova still hopes that she may be able to play at the Torneyo games.


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