Out of 8,000 bartenders in sixty countries, Rizza Umlas a female bartender at TGIFriday’s Glorietta, won last March 3, 2016 in TGIFriday’s 25th World Bartender Competition at Dallas, Texas. Rizza is the youngest, first ever female and filipino bartender to win the championship and declared as the best of the best among the finalists.


Filipino fine dining restaurant GalleryVvask owned by J. Luis Chele” Gonzales located in Taguig City ranked 39th in the prestigious Asia’s 50 Best Restaurants, being the only one from the Phlippines that made it to the cut. This year’s list was released in the awards ceremony held at the W Hotel in Bangkok and was attended by distinguished chefs and restaurateurs.


The 2016 Rio de Janeiro Olympic Qualifiers for Taekwondo will be held in the country on April 16 and 17 this year at Marriot Convention Center Grand Ballroom, New Port Complex in Pasay City.


A new species of Rafflesia discovered in the Philippines now holds the world record of being the smallest species of the giant flower. The newly-found dwarf species is called Rafflesia Consueloae which has an average diameter of nine point seventy-three centimeter when fully expanded. According to a Filipina botanist, Doctor Jeanmaire Molina, the latest discovery of Rafflesia should make the Filipinos proud of its natural heritage for it suggests that there is a lot more species waiting to be discovered in the Philippines.


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