Cyprus court orders 8-day detention for Egypt hijacker

A Cyprus court decided to detain the Egyptian man who admitted to hijacking a domestic EgyptAir flight for eight days. He diverted the the Airbus A320 aircraft to the east Mediterranean island nation by threatening to blow it up with a fake explosives belt.

Police prosecutor Andreas Lambrianou said Wednesday that the suspect, whom authorities had earlier identified as 59-year-old Seif Eddin Mustafa, faces charges including illegal possession of explosives, hijacking, kidnapping and threats to commit violence.


Laguna to endorse Calauan as election-watchlist

Laguna will recommend Calauan town to be listed as one of the election-watchlist areas due to the recent attack on Mayor Buenafrido at two of his companions.

Berris, running for re-election, was found wounded while driver Leonardo Taningco and running councilor Emmanuel Peña dies in the same ambush. The police authorities have tightened the security checks on second-class municipalities while the investigation is on process.


Aquino to media: Avoid rumors and sensationalism in stories

Avoid rumors and sensationalism in your stories, appealed President Benigno Aquino III to media during his speech in front of more than four hundred local and international media publishers from Asia at the Manila Hotel on March 30.

Instead of writing rumors, sensationalism and biased stories, Aquino lectured media practitioners to write and publicize credible stories. Publishers earn from sensational stories that are just mere gossips, the president said. However, he underscored that the audience or readers will find other sources of information that will give them factual stories rather than speculations.


LTO suspects “insider” over license plate stealing

The Land Transportation Office (LTO) reckoned that an “insider” could be the mastermind in stealing over 10,000 yellow plates and thousands of license plate sheets last Holy Week from its plate printing facility in Quezon City.

LTO spokesman Jason Salvador said the stealing could have done ages ago by the suspected employee and only said that it went missing as they might have panicked after the authorities knew about the incident. He also said that this stealing act may not be the first time it was done.

Board member of the Land Transportation Franchising and Regulatory Board (LTFRB) Ariel Inton said that the suspect could really had the intention of stealing the plates and sold them to colorum public utility vehicles (PUVs) for them to have duplicate license plates.


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