The Little Picasso of the Philippines: Worth Lodriga Goes Live on Green FM

Fresh from receiving his newest international award from Frogs Are Green, Worth Lodriga – the Little Picasso of the Philippines – was the studio guest on the February 9, 2017 episode of LIVE @ 95.9 Green FM in De La Salle University-Dasmarinas, Cavite.

Worth is a Filipino artist who has already brought pride to the Philippines at a very young age, receiving the 7-Star Artist Award from the Junior Picasso Art Competition.

Worth was brought to DLSU-D by his mother Architect Wendy Lodriga and accompanied by his brother Wisdom at the invitation of Editor Angie Quadra-Balibay. The Lodriga family of painters met with DLSU-D President Br. Gus Boquer, FSC where the Little Picasso received encouraging words and a St. John Baptist De La Salle medallion.

The 8-year-old painter then went live on radio and shared his stories of inspiration and triumphs, as well as his advocacy to encourage his countrymen to be proud of being Filipino.

Learn more about Worth Lodriga in this transcript of the interview with Live hosts Abraham Tayao and Harlene Delgado.


Interview Transcript: Worth Lodriga

HD: Today, we are privileged to start this year’s broadcast season with an interview with a very young artist who has become a Filipino pride, the Little Picasso of the Philippines!

AT: Eight-year-old, Filipino painter, Worth Lodriga has once again received an international award, this time from the Frogs Are Green kids art contest in New Jersey, USA.

HD: Worth was awarded the first prize in the 7-9 group age category, the only Asian to top the contest which received 1,441 art works from 32 countries.

AT: The Filipino art protégé bested the second, third, and fourth placers from the US. The Frogs are Green website officially announced the winners last February 6.

HD: Lodriga’s winning artwork is entitled “Frogs and Bugs” which was done with oil pastel. He completed this winning piece last September 2016.

AT: Worth’s entry supports the advocacy of the frogs are green organization on the awareness to the need to save frogs and amphibians for a sustainable healthy planet.

HD: Alright, good news indeed. From one of the youngest champions of Filipino pride in the international scene, let’s get to know more on the Philippines’ own little Picasso.

AT: So, this young boy studies at de La Salle Greenhills. He’s a consistent top honor student even while he competes as a varsity player for baseball. wow.

HD: Wow.

AT: Like others at this age, he also enjoys playing video games.

HD: Aside from winning “The Frogs are Green contest”, he was also given the seven-star artist award by the Junior Picasso color me contest. Worth is only one of the 11 young painters in his category who received a recognition, winning against 65 countries.

AT: Now, joining us live at the Green FM studio is the Worth Lodriga, together with his mom, Miss Wendy Lodriga, and I think is his younger brother also here? Uh, Wisdom? Okay.

HD: Alright.

AT: Wisdom is also in the studio. uh,

WENDY LODRIGA: He’s playing outside.

AT: …okay, so welcome guys. Let’s give them a round of applause.

HD: Welcome to GNP live!

WORTH LODRIGA: Thank you for having me here. Good morning!

HD AND AT: Good morning!

AT: Give me a high five.

HD: Yeah, it is our pleasure…

AT: Here we go.

HD: …It is an honor to have you here, Worth. How are you feeling right now?


HD: *Laughs*

AT: Oh, you’re hungry? Don’t worry, this will only take 2 hours.

HD: *Laughs*

AT: Promise, 2 hours, tops. okay, so, uh, you’ve had a long drive here.

WENDY LODRIGA: Yeah, we got lost actually.


AT: Oh gosh.

WENDY LODRIGA: Yeah, the, the next thing we knew, we were in san Pedro Laguna.

HD: Wow.

WENDY LODRIGA: So, we had to call everyone, oh okay, we’re in Laguna, how do we get to Dasma?

HD: Mhmm.

AT: *Chuckles* Okay, uh, uh, so, uh, but you’re okay now?

HD: Mhmm.

AT: You’re fine.

WENDY LODRIGA: Yeah. He’s hungry. I’m thirsty.

HD: *Laughs*

AT: Don’t worry. Uh, we’ll be getting you guys, food and drinks, in a while.

HD: Mhmm.

AT: We’re just going to have, uh, a short interview. Short talk. So, we’re going to talk about you know, your passion for video games, huh.

AT: We’re not here to talk about the painting stuff. So, what video games do you like?


HD: Woah. Minecraft. Yeah. My brother also plays that.

AT: So, speaking of Minecraft. No, uh, we’re also here to talk about you know, the, the achievements, your achievements.

HD: Mhmm.

AT: Uh, these past few months, so, uh, what’s your…when, when did you start painting?

HD: Mhmm.

AT: When did you start your talent for art?

WORTH LODRIGA: I started drawing when I was two.

AT: You were 2.

HD: Alright.

WORTH LODRIGA: My mom has been teaching me since then. My mom is an architect. She’s a very good artist.

WENDY LODRIGA: Thank you, honey. I love you.

AT: That’s so sweet. sample, sample. Nah, just kidding.


AT: Okay, so you started drawing when you were 2. Uh, did you enjoy it immediately?


HD: Wow.

AT: What do you love about painting? What do you love about drawing?

WORTH LODRIGA: Eh… well… coloring.

AT: Coloring.


AT: Do you love colors? You love different colors?


HD: Mhmm.

AT: I saw your painting. The frogs are beautiful.

HD: Wow.

AT: How did you learn how to mix all those colors together?

WORTH LODRIGA: Uh, we, fir–, my mom taught me when I was 2. that’s why, that’s why I became better when I was 4.

HD: Mmm. Alright. so, your winning piece is called the “Frogs and Bugs” is it right?


HD: So, do you personally like frogs and bugs?


HD: Okay.

AT: Yeah, when I was a kid, I, I, uh, love playing outside, I remember I used to catch frogs. Do you do that?


HD: *Laughs*

AT: Yeah, crazy. I’m weird. Yeah. Aside, aside from the art competitions, you are also part of a baseball team, right?


HD: Wow.

WENDY LODRIGA: You greet your teammates, Worth.


HD: Hello.

AT: So, uh, do you also enjoy, uh, baseball? Is it…


HD: Mhmm.

AT: How do you get to balance all these, all these things?


WENDY LODRIGA: Of course, through his manager. HAHA.

AT: Wow. But, you still get to have fun, you still get to… yep.


AT: Okay, so yeah.

HD: We also heard that you’re a consistent first honor. So, can you share with us how do you study, your study habits, how were you able to balance all of these?

WORTH LODRIGA: Well, yeah, my manager, my mom is teaching me to balance things.

HD: Mhmm. Alright.

AT: So, did you also get to travel because of these competitions?


AT: Did you enjoy your travel?


AT: What did you enjoy most? uh, your last, your last competition was in the US, what did you enjoy most there?

HD: Your favorite so far.

WORTH LODRIGA: The… I really like the us because I really like it.

HD: Wow.

AT: Yeah, me too.

HD: Mhmm.

AT: I haven’t been there at all.

WENDY LODRIGA: I think, he’s getting nervous but yeah.

AT: Don’t be nervous.

WENDY LODRIGA: Just chill.

AT: Are you okay? Just relax.


HD: Alright.

AT: You don’t have to talk, just sit here.

AT: Don’t worry. Don’t worry.

WENDY LODRIGA: You know Worth is actually is just a typical painter, you know how painters are…

AT: Yes.

WENDY LODRIGA: You know, how they out-pour what’s in their heads…

HD: Mhmm.

WENDY LODRIGA: …Just through the paintings they make, right?

HD: Yeah.

WENDY LODRIGA: He’s really like that. like, one of his national competitions, I think that’s the Manila Bulletin Sketchfest…

HD: Alright.

WENDY LODRIGA: …It’s a national competition wherein almost 2,000 participants all over the Philippines joined and then, the place was like open, no aircon, and there was a band and it’s like a rock band and he went like, mom is this like a music fest or an art fest?

WENDY LODRIGA: Beause, he’s the typical artist that you know wants doing painting not rock band…

HD: Mhmm.

AT: Wow.

WENDY LODRIGA: But, apparently, God is really good. He still won amongst you know, the almost 2,000 participants there and I always tell him that, he’s focused and do what you like and make sure that you submit everything to God.

HD: Indeed.

AT: Does he have a sample of his artwork? That we could show everyone here today?

WENDY LODRIGA: Yeah, yeah. it’s actually…

AT: Yeah, you could bring that out.

WENDY LODRIGA: It’s in the bag.

AT: We’re going to air this on TV.

HD: Yeah, on Animo channel.

AT: So, you’re going to be famous.


AT: So, uh, of course, your classmates have heard about your piece in success, huh?

HD: Mhmm.

AT: Has anything changed? Or you guys… are you famous now in school?


HD: Mhmm.

AT: How famous?

WORTH LODRIGA: I don’t know.

AT: Is it, is it a lot different? Do you have a lot of friends now?

WORTH LODRIGA: Yeah. yeah.

HD: Mhmm

WENDY LODRIGA: I remember, he went home one time, and then he said, hey Worth, hey, you’re famous, I saw you in Hasi. Hasi is the school organ of Lasalle Greenhills. and then you’re in the second page, right?

HD: Wow

WENDY LODRIGA: And then he just smiled. The good thing about Worth is he’s very humble. Like you won’t get to hear him say ‘oh, I won’ oh, like ‘I’m first place’ no.

HD: Mhmm.

WENDY LODRIGA: Even if you get to ask him on interview, you’d just see him smile.

HD: Mhmm.

WENDY LODRIGA: You know, and that’s it. Which is good.

AT: Okay, so…

WENDY LODRIGA: This is the winning artwork. Worth, can you tell something about this artwork, please.

HD: Is this the frogs and bugs?


HD: Ohh okay.

AT: Could you zoom in on this guys? Do we have that technology? Okay, so, this is Worth’s artwork.

HD: Mhmm. Yeah

WENDY LODRIGA: Please, tell them something about it… so, it was like two days ago…

WORTH LODRIGA: Wait, isn’t that last month?

HD: Mhmm.

WENDY LODRIGA: No, no, it was two days ago when we got the results.

AT: Oh… when they announced the winners.

WORTH LODRIGA: I got very surprised when they said I got first.

WENDY LODRIGA: It was like a lot, a lot joined… I think 1, 441 all over the world.

AT: Okay.

HD: Wow.

AT: Uh, so, could you talk to us a little about the painting itself, uh, why did you… choice of colors.

HD: Mhmm.

AT: What about the technique and stuff like that? because we don’t know a lot about art.

HD: Yeah. we’re not that you know, painters or artists.

AT: What’s your inspiration for this?

HD: Yeah.

WORTH LODRIGA: What did you say?

WENDY LODRIGA: Maybe I help out. Again, worth is a very served kid, you know. A typical artist. So, actually, 2015 he won second place in this competition, when he actually supposed to be the first, but apparently, they were as shocked at first that he was only 6 and he could make something like this. So, they had, the organizer had to call me, all the way from new jersey, USA and ask me if it was really done by a six-year-old.


HD: Alright.

WENDY LODRIGA: And I said yes, you want to see a video? And then yeah, they announced second place. and then last year, before he turned eight, he was seven. He did the first one. Actually, it’s also there, the frog with uhm…

AT: Okay could you bring out…


AT: Also, they’ve brought a lot of paintings. These paintings here.

WENDY LODRIGA: This is the original one, I mean, the first, the very first… worth please remove the plastic…

AT: Okay, okay. sure, sure.

WENDY LODRIGA: Okay, yeah.

WENDY: This artwork, this is the 2015 entry and it won second place in new jersey U-S-A.

HD: Mhmm.

WENDY: I think the rest were from Russia, Turkey, you know. This year, actually last year 2016, he submitted that one. The good thing about the art competitions, in the international arts competition now, you can just submit them online. Unlike during my time, you really have to fly…

WENDY: And really spend a lot. Now you just have to click, upload, and there you go, you’re one of them.

HD: Wow.

AT: How about the accommodations when they get to the competition?

WENDY: Like this one is online…

HD: Mhmm.

AT: Oh, so you don’t have to go there?

WENDY: Yeah, exactly. It’s way better. because before you have to pay for tickets, you’ll have to pay accommodation and stuff like that. but competition-wise, it’s tougher.

WENDY: Because like way back my time, not a lot of countries join but now a lot of countries really join and get serious about art competitions. And, this year, actually two days ago, I was shocked. I got the e-mail that he won first place. Second and third place were from the…


WENDY: Yeah, and I think honorable mentions were from Turkey, and I think Russia and Indonesia, something like that.

HD: Alright.

AT: Wow.

WENDY: He’s the only Asian who won in his category and I think that’s really good. that’s good for our country.

HD: What an honor.

AT: We’re very proud of him.

HD: Mhmm.

AT: Amazing, amazing achievements. So, aside from painting, aside from baseball and video games, what else do you enjoy?

WORTH: Studying.

HD: Wow.

AT: You enjoy studying? Me too, I love studying.

WORTH: I like math. I like math.


HD: Worth likes math.

AT: We are complete opposites.

HD: Yeah

AT: You and I. You like math, you’re good with art. when I was eight years old, I don’t remember doing something special when I was eight. I remember one time, I ate sand.

AT: When I was eight years old.

HD: Gosh.

AT: To quest this other girl.

HD: I just want to ask, Mommy Wendy. What was the first thing that came into your mind the moment that you knew when you saw that worth has this kind of God-given talent? I mean, did you expect or anticipate that he would go this far in a very young age?

WENDY: Well, actually, when I saw him draw when he was two. I know that parenthood pushed kids…

AT: Yeah.

WENDY: Do this, do that. But I saw that he has this special talent compared to my other nieces and nephews. Because my dad’s a painter.

WENDY: My mom’s an art teacher and an art coordinator at Pasig city under Mayor Eusebio…

HD: Okay.

AT: Wow.

WENDY: And then my five other brothers and sisters…

WORTH: Took up Fine Arts.

WENDY: Older than me, they all took up fine arts. And I’m the youngest, I took up architecture.

HD: Mhmm.

WENDY: So, basically our family is really into arts but the good thing about Worth, the reason why I’m really supporting him: he’s really passionate about this. Like you won’t see a kid who would sit down six hours finishing up an artwork right? or even in studying.


WENDY: He has this. and then he told me one time that when he first won internationally he said that he wants… what did you tell me about letting other countries know…

WORTH: That there are many good artists in the Philippines.

AT: And you are one of them.

HD: Yeah.

WENDY: And that is why whenever he gets to win something, we have to take a photo of him wearing the Philippine flag jacket.

WORTH: Philippine jacket.

HD: Alright.

AT: Yah yah, we heard that you like that jacket, right?

WORTH: Yeah.

AT: That’s one of your favorite jackets so you’re wearing the jacket of the Philippine flag and what’s your idea to wear in competitions and interviews?

WORTH: Well first, I love the Philippines and I want other countries to know that there are many good artists here and I believe that being a Filipino should be really proud of the country.

HD: Mhmm.

AT: Wow.

HD: Alright.

AT: What a beautiful answer.

AT: You never hear that from an eight-year-old.

HD: Yeah.

AT: Only here, that’s amazing.

HD: So Worth, what is your favorite artwork among those art pieces that you have created?

AT: Which ones your favorite?

HD: Mhmm.

WORTH: I think… the…

AT: Okay so, he brought a lot of artworks.

HD: Yeah and it’s actually hard to pick one because it’s all beautiful.

AT: Oh, that’s also my favorite.

HD: Wow.

AT: Star Wars

WENDY: Show it to them.

AT: There you go. beautiful.

HD: What a beautiful

AT: There you go. What a beautiful artwork.

HD: So can you tell us about this? I mean when did you start creating that art piece?

WORTH: I think after I watched the star wars: Force Awakens.

HD: Wow.

AT: Wow. how long does it take to create this?

WORTH: I think sometimes two days.

HOSTS: Two days?!

WENDY: Yes, two days if he stops. because you know he has to eat, you know how kids are.

AT: Wow.

WENDY: Yeah, but if it’s straight, he goes like four to six hours.

AT: So how do you do it, do you get into this mood, this artistic mood? Do you get into this kind of… in a state of an artistic state? do you get into this like, artistic mood?

WORTH: Yeah.

AT: Yeah, you do that through music right?

HD: Yes.

WENDY: Actually, it’s a given that artists are moody. So, like me, I also paint. I paint a lot when I was young and when I became an architect, it became more technical. And then when I’m not in the mood, I can’t paint, you know.

HD: Alright.

WENDY: So, same as worth. I think he got that from me.

AT: So, do you always bring your art materials wherever you go? You always have a bag?

WORTH: Yeah, I also bring it to school.

AT: Wow.

HD: So do you share those art materials with your friends or with others?

WENDY: Also with the teachers.

HD: Wow.

WENDY: Actually he carries… tell them about your laptop bag.

WORTH: Actually, I bring a drawing book and a coloring materials and Steller for drawing, pencil. and I draw and color.

HD: Alright.

WORTH: During free time and class.

AT: Wow.

HD: Okay.

AT: Do you remember your very first artwork?


AT: No more, yeah, because you started very young, right?

HD: Yes.

AT: How about you? are you interested in painting when you were young?

HD: I tried but I can’t, I really can’t so I just gave up.

AT: Yeah, I think I also tried, when I was young. Wasn’t very good at it.

HD: Playing with water colors and everything…

AT: Do you we still have a chance? Can we still be good at painting?

HD: Yeah.

WORTH: I think.

AT: You think so? If we just practice and work hard, right?

HD: Alright, so worth you said that before painting, you read and imagine, right?

WORTH: Yeah.

HD: How is reading helpful in one’s imagination?

WORTH: It makes me draw right away.

HD: Mhmm.

WORTH: It makes me think better and yeah stuff.

HD: Alright.

AT: How about your friends, have you inspired them as well to get into art?


AT: What do you tell them about your artwork? Do you say something special to inspire them?

WORTH: Actually, my teacher shows some of my artworks and then they start drawing na.

AT: Oh okay.

HD: Alright.

AT: How about you? What’s your inspirations? How do you get inspired?

WORTH: My artworks. yeah, it inspires me to draw more.

HD: Do you have any model or who do you think of when you’re painting?

WORTH: I think… in my astronaut, I was thinking about Neil Armstrong.


AT: Neil Armstrong when you’re drawing that.

HD: Yeah.

AT: When you were drawing the frogs, you were thinking about?

HD: Frogs.

WORTH: Yeah, yeah.

AT: That’s nice. I guess, you get inspiration from songs as well as you know, the mechanics of the competition and lots of different things. So, Star Wars, you love Star Wars.

WORTH: Yeah, yeah. me and my brother, fans.

AT: Really. Who’s your favorite character?

WORTH: I think Darth Vader.

HOSTS: Wow Darth Vader.

AT: Why? How come?

WORTH: Because he has a cool suit and he lived longer than the other bad guys.

HD: Wow

AT: Me too. Darth Vader is my favorite. Because he’s cool, right? He’s kind of cool, you know. there’s also other good guys like Chewbacca and Luke Skywalker but Darth Vader, he’s the man.

HD: Yeah. I can’t relate. I don’t know anything about Star Wars.

HD: So, I’ll just be quiet.

AT: Now, what else do you like? Aside from star wars, let’s talk about the things that you like. aside from painting and baseball, what do you enjoy?

WORTH: Yeah, that’s it. yes, study, baseball, drawing, watching, playing video games.

AT: Playing video games. so even though you’re pretty occupied by a lot of things, lots of different activities, you still find time to enjoy and have fun, play with other kids right?

WORTH: Yeah.

AT: What games do you like to play with other kids?

WORTH: Badminton.


WENDY: He’s a good badminton player.

AT: A good badminton player. and I heard recently, you hit a home run?

WORTH: Yeah.

AT: Wow. So, you’re into baseball, why baseball?

WORTH: Because, I don’t know why but I became good right away.

HD: Wow.

WORTH: I think I got used to it right away because once I try, I get used to it.


AT: When I was a kid I think, I tried basketball but I wasn’t really good.

HD: When I was in fourth grade, I tried to do badminton. I was a varsity way back then, elementary days.

AT: Wow

HD: But now, that’s it. Wala na.

AT: So now we are very inspired because of you, Worth. you start in a young age and slowly mastering all of these different activities, all of these different crafts. it’s amazing. maybe a round of applause for worth.

HD: Yes.

WORTH: Thank you.

AT: Thank you very much. so how was your visit here in La Salle Dasma? do you enjoy the place?

WORTH: Yeah, yeah. but I didn’t enjoy the trip because it was so long.

HD: Yes

AT: Yeah, I heard you got lost but you like the place. I think you had the chance to meet Brother Gus?

WORTH: Yeah.

AT: The tall guy…

HD: The president…

WORTH: He gave me this one.


AT: Let’s check it out. Show it to the camera. There. Okay.

HD: It’s a beautiful necklace.

AT: So what did you talk about?

HD: Yeah, how was the encounter with Brother Gus?

WORTH: It’s fine.


WORTH: Yeah, it’s fine. it’s just fine.

HD: Alright.

AT: You didn’t find him scary?


AT: I found him scary the first time. big guy. Just kidding. he’s a very pleasant fellow right.

HD: Mhmm.

AT: So, I heard you haven’t eaten yet. You hungry?

HD: Yeah

AT: Don’t worry we have a lot of good food here. I think you’ll going to go have lunch at Museo, it’s a beautiful place. it’s also a museum.

HD: Yeah. so worth, how does it feel like you’re being hailed as the Little Picasso of the Philippines?

WORTH: I really feel good.

HD: Mhmm.

WORTH: Yeah, I feel good.

AT: How so? Have you seen Picasso’s artwork?

WORTH: What?

AT: Have you seen the artwork of Picasso?

WORTH: Who’s who?

AT: Picasso.

HD: Yeah, Pablo Picasso.

WORTH: Yeah, I think. But I can’t remember it.

AT: Don’t worry, you’re better than him.

AT: Forget about it. Yeah, but we’re really proud, you’re doing the nation a great service, inspiring people through your artworks.

HD: Yeah

AT: So what tips can you give to young artists?

WORTH: Well, all I have to say is be proud to be a Filipino, keep drawing, and continue to discover and inspire the world through art.

HD: Wow, very beautiful!

AT: Thank you very much. how about me, do you think I could still learn to be an artist?

WORTH: Yeah.

AT: Okay, I’ll show you some of my works. maybe someday.

HD: So, Worth, do you have any upcoming exhibits or any activities?



AT: So, your own exhibit, you’re going to display your own art works.

HD: Mhmm.

AT: SO who do you want to thank for everything, for all of these achievements?

WORTH: First of all, I want to thank god for all my talents and second, I want to thank my hardworking mom for everything. third, I want to thank mister Brian Dy for my Philippines lifestyle for my apparels.

AT: Wow

HD: Wow

AT: Wonderful. Could we show a little bit more of the art works? Because you know, this is what it’s all about. the art work, so let’s show a little bit more of the audience. oh wow, I like that one! that one with the – what is that?

AT: Oh, so you were asked to make a cartoon character? Wow, look at this. look at this everyone.

HD: It’s beautiful!

AT: Beautiful.

AT: Look at that. I could never have achieved this when i was young.

HD: Me too.

AT: Manila bulletin sketch list. Sketch fest. Oh wow. so uh, what art materials do you use?

WORTH: Oil pastel.

AT: Oil pastel.

HD: Yeah it’s pure oil pastel.

WORTH: Pentel.

HD: Oh pentel.

WORTH: And sometimes in some art works, I think I made one. I’m still making one Faber castle colored pencils.

HD: Mhmm.

AT: How about this one? What’s the inspiration for this?

WORTH: People helping each other.


AT: People helping each other. We have hands, we have hearts.

HD: Yes

AT: Different vibrant colors.

HD: Vivid paintings.

AT: Oh, I see, I see another good one. how about that one?

AT: Seven star.

HD: Yeah in the Junior Picasso art contest. wow!

AT: So, this is it. Wow, man.

HOSTS: Look at that.

HD: Gosh, it’s so beautiful.

HD: It’s so beautiful.

AT: It’s amazing. So, how was your experience in the Junior Picasso art competition?

WORTH: It’s fine and it’s a bit hard because you have to draw big and there are  I think sixty three countries that joined and…

AT: Sixty three countries?!

HD: Wow.

WORTH: Twenty-three shortlisted and seven got awarded. Seven-star artist award and I was one of them.

HD: Wow.

AT: That’s very nice.

HD: I feel so proud as a Filipino having Worth as a young artist.

AT: Look at this. with all the colors, all the vibrant colors, there’s a sun and there’s a moon, right?


AT: So how about this? what’s your inspiration for this one?

WORTH: I think when the sun’s going down, the moon is also coming out.

HD: Awww

AT: Wow. bit poetic as well.

HD: Yeah.

AT: You should  try poetry. yeah it’s very deep. very nice. I just want to shut up right now and just appreciate…

HD: Yeah.

AT: Let’s take a moment of silence.

AT: Beautiful, beautiful worth. amazing, wonderful.

HD: Thank you so much.

AT: Okay, so recent projects that you were planning, you want to start your own gallery, right?


HD: Mmhmm.

AT: Okay, so we’re going to look forward to that. any message to the people listening right now?

WORTH: I think I said that continue to discover and inspire the world through art and keep drawing and be proud to be a Filipino.

HD: Yan! they can also watch worth online. he’s also doing video clips on Facebook for arts.

WORTH: I also do live and yeah.

HD: Okay.

AT: Wow, so you do live while you’re painting, you broadcast live on Facebook?

HD: Mhmm.


AT: So, how’s that experience? Do you get a lot of viewers?

HD: Mhmm.


HD: Yeah?

AT: So very famous now huh?

HD: Yes.

AT: That’s nice. Okay so thank you very much –

HD: Yeah, it’s okay.

WORTH: Like the page.

HD: Mhmm.

WORTH: Could you like my page? Worth Lodriga.

HD: Alright.

AT: Worth Lodriga on Facebook. So, let’s just search Worth Lodriga on Facebook and like the page. Get to know more of his art works.

HD: Yes.

AT: There was also a lot of his art works there, huh?

HD: Mhmm.

AT: We saw a lot of, you painting, from beginning to the end.

HD: Yeah.

AT: How you work on your paintings? It’s so amazing, Worth. Congratulations.

HD: Yes.

WORTH: Thank you.

HD: Alright.

AT: So uh, are you excited for the future?

WORTH: Yeah.

AT: Excited to paint more?


AT: Me too. We are very excited. We are very excited to see what you will do in the future because right now you are immensely talented.

HD: Yes.

AT: If I were that talented when I was young, I wouldn’t be here right now. With you guys. I’ll be painting like you so. do you want to continue painting until you grow up?


AT: Really? so you want to be a full time artist someday?


AT: Is that the dream?

WORTH: And I also want to be an architect.

HD: Just like mommy Wendy!

AT: Wow, nice. why do you want to be an architect?


AT: Why do you want to be an architect?

WORTH: Because architects are good drawers, yeah.

HD: Mhmm.

WORTH: It’s a good choice.

HD: Yeah, beautiful houses.

AT: You want to design different kinds of structures, houses.


AT: When I was a kid I remember, I was always interested in making a house that is made of a shoe. You know that story?

HD: Really?

AT: Yeah, there’s a kid’s story. the shoe house –

HD: I don’t know that.

AT: You don’t know that story?

HD: No. it’s unfortunate of me.

WORTH: I forgot.

AT: Worth, how would you design a house? What would it look like?

HD: Mhmm.


AT: If ever you make one.

WORTH: I think normal, or yeah, normal.

AT: Oh, it’s just a modest house. okay.

HD: We also heard that wisdom also loves to draw so how’s vista mart now with he’s drawings and paintings?

WORTH: Getting better.


WORTH: But he, he also wants to play piano.

HD: Ohhhh.

AT: So, he’s also into music. How about you, are you also into music?

WORTH: Yeah.

HD: Wow. So, worth can sing. according to mommy Wendy.

AT: Sample, sample. really, just a small – earlier though, miss Harlene here was also singing before you got here.

HD: Yeah.

AT: You want to hear her sing?


HD: No.

AT: Would you sing if she sings?

HD: Please, sing just a bit.

WORTH: I don’t like singing.

HD: But do you play instrument, Worth? Do you play any instrument or like wisdom playing piano?

WORTH: Uhhh.

HD: Not that really? alright.

AT: Aside from Minecraft, what game do you like to play?

WORTH: I think geometry dash, plants versus zombies and fruit ninja and more.

HD: And is it true that you love color green?


HD: Yes. a true blooded Lasallian.

AT: So, you like La Salle huh?

HD: Mhmm.

AT: So now we had breaking news. You like to sing Versace on the Floor?

HD: Wow.

HD: A little Bruno Mars.

WORTH: I don’t like to sing eh.

AT: Yeah, stop being a kid. Stop being a kid huh.

AT: Come on, just a little line.

HD: Just a bit.

AT: How about if I sing with you?

HD:  Your eyes are where I’m lost in.

WORTH: (Sings) Underneath the chandelier, we’re dancing all alone. there’s no reason to hide, what we’re feeling inside, right now. So baby let’s just turn down the lights and close the door oooh I love that dress but you won’t need it anymore. No, you won’t need it no more. let’s just kiss ‘til we’re naked baby, Versace on the floor.


HD: Alright, super talented kid.

AT: Walang choice no. Sabi ni mommy kumanta sya eh. I remember being a kid, it’s kind of tough. but yeah, you have a nice voice. you sing quite well. you are so multi-talented. a lot of girls pretty have a crush on you on school huh.

WORTH: No, it’s all boys.

HD: Oh all boys!

AT: Don’t worry. when you get to high school –

WENDY: No girlfriend.

AT: No girlfriend yet.

HD: Alright. yeah, sabi ni mommy.

AT: Sabi ni mommy.

HD: Alright.

AT: But you are pretty famous in school, huh? got a lot of friends and stuffs like that.

HD: Mmhmm.

AT: Good voice, amazing paintings. what a multi-talented kid huh.

HD: Yeah. for an eight year old? my gosh.

AT: So uh, thank you very much, worth. thank you very much miss Wendy for bringing him here.

HD: Yes. it’s an honor and privilege.

WENDY: Thank you very much.

AT: Once again guys a round of applause.

HD: Worth Lodriga, the Little Picasso of the Philippines.

WORTH: Thank you.

AT: And we hope that you continue your success.

HD: Mhmm.

AT: That you continue your progress when it comes to your art.

HD: Yeah, we will be looking forward.

WORTH: Thank you for having me here.

HD: Yeah, thank you as well.

AT: They’re requesting something here. i think they want us to do something like this, what is that?

HD: It’s a heart, yeah.


HD: It’s a heart.

AT: Could you –

HD: Korean heart.

HD: Korean’s do this. to show some love because it looks like a heart. Like this.

WENDY: Isn’t it supposed to be like this?

AT: Yeah, but the students here are much more jologs. They’re into all that k-pop stuffs. anyways, thank you very much, worth.

HD: Yeah.

AT: Worth is not that jologs.

HD: No, no, like this. yeah.

AT: It’s so baduy ah. I can tell from his expressions, “oh guys it’s so baduy.” anyways, thank you very much.

HD: Once again, thank you so much.

AT: A round of applause everyone for worth

HD: Worth lodriga.

AT: Okay so we wish you the best, i hope you go far in your career. that would be all –

HD: Ayan.

AT: I hope you get a good lunch because we know you’re hungry. Go and have lunch now. thank you so much.

HD: Thank you so much, Worth Lodriga.

AT: And that ends our good news today filled with Filipino pride and inspiration. please tune in again next Thursday, eleven to twelve noon only here on 95.9, Green FM.

HD: Don’t forget to connect with us using our different social media accounts on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. just follow us on 959greenfm. You may also visit our blog, 959greenfm dot word press dot com. For more interesting stories of positivity around the globe.

AT: And behalf of the Journ 3 production class led by producer Jericho Aguiatan and the headwriter Stephanie Sevillano, we thank you for listening to our show. Thanks to Green FM News, Green FM Music and Entertainment, Green FM Public Affairs and Green FM Promotions and Green FM Operations. We appreciate your listening and spending your time with us. Once again, this has been Abraham Tayao.

HD: And I’m Harlene Delgado. This is…

HOSTS: LIVE @ 95.9 Green FM.

AT: Dahil basta radyo, dito ka.

-END –



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