KTS 2018 features campus based artists and indie bands

By Mickaela Van Allen Duenos

De La Salle University – Dasmariñas’ Council of Student Organization had its 19th celebration of KTS (Kantahan, Tugtugan, Sayawan) through different forms of performances like singing, dancing and acting.

The back to back (LYS and KTS) event of CSO wanted to show Lasallian community of what their organization’s mission and vision which is to disseminate learnings while giving the Lasallian community enjoyment as well.

This year’s KTS theme mainly valued the established thinking of millennials which mostly expressed their freedom through art by inviting different local bands that could represent youth nowadays.

“The goal mainly focuses on what the millennial youth can give throughout the chain of this generation”, CSO Vice President Sam Magbuhat stated to show that millennials can also provide quality art by means of change and the millennial youths are the future of the future.

CSO youth organizers saw the impact of inviting different mainstream local bands that could boost up the main acts of the event (in order of the performance act during the event proper). Featuring pop rock/alternative rock band Callalily, an indie folk rock band Ben and Ben, an alternative indie rock band December Avenue and a local rock band IV of Spades.

Aside from the guest artists to appear at KTS, the university’s very own Narcolepsy, Lasallian Pop Band, and Lasallian Pointes and Flexes plus other local dance organizations in Dasmariñas such as The UNDRGND and The Package Maker also showcased their talented selves in front of a university wide population.

The event kicked off the evening of April 24, at Ugnayang La Salle.

Edited by Al Cabido and Gail Cayetano; Posted by Kathleen Basence


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