DLSU-D USC candidates address issues on Talakayan 2018

By Jilianne Gayanilo

De La Salle University-Dasmariñas University Student Council candidates assemble at Ugnayang La Salle to discuss institutional and societal issues for the afternoon part of Talakay: The 2018 University Student Debate.

DLSU-D Co-Chairperson in Commission on Student Elections, John Cedrick Lacro explains that student leaders take the initiative in promoting knowledge regarding institutional and societal issues in the University. “Ang student council kasi ang nagbibigay ng knowledge sa mga students tungkol sa societal at institutional issues. Sila ‘yung nagle-lead sa students dahil against tayo sa pagiging passive ng mga students regarding sa issues at dahil dito sa debate, malalaman natin kung active an gating student leaders.”, Lacro stated. USC candidates are given two minutes to discuss their stand on the current issue in the University.

Following the introduction, candidates are to answer prepared questions collected by the Commission on Student Election staffs then a debate between two opposing parties, running with the same position, are to ask questions with each other with a limited time of two minutes.

The open forum on the concluding part of the debate is the most essential portion as the students have a large role in choosing the future leaders of the institution. Those who attended the event are open to ask their questions to the candidates regarding their stand on University and Social issues. It helps the students to create opinion and expectation for better comparisons.

Talakay: The 2018 University Student Debate introduces the future student leaders of the University where candidates are given the chance to interact with the opposing party also, the students. It would also promote awareness on the upcoming University elections for school year 2018-2019.

Written by Jilianne Gayanilo ; Edited by Abigail Galindo; Posted by Kathleen Basence


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