Lasallians appeal for more time on the 2018 USC debate

By Juliah Quiambao

The University Student Commission on Elections steered an event entitled TALAKAY: The 2018 University Student Debate, for the first time at Ugnayang La Salle wherein, candidates from College of Liberal Arts and Communication, College of Tourism and Hospitality Management, College of Engineering Architecture and Technology, College of Business Administration and Accountancy and the candidates for University Student Council from different parties, present their platforms and opinions on the social issues.

Since the university elections are forthcoming, the candidates will stand for the Lasallian community through the debate for them to express their need to serve the students.

The most awaited part of the majority is the debate of candidates for University Student Council and as the question and answer portion drew near, a sudden tension among the candidates and the students rise.

Since SCE sought to eliminate passivity among the students, voters implored to the body of SCE to give them more time to ask questions and furthered suggested to continue the debate outside ULS or at the lake park, due to a limited chance of three to be able to address inquiries to candidates.

However, the DLSU-D SCE Mr. Eduardo Panulin announced not to continue the debate outside instead they can raise their questions on social media.

“…hindi na po natin pwedeng ituloy ang debate at open forum na ito ngayon , pero I encourage everyone na bukas bumoto po kayo sa inyong colleges sa mga voting stations”. Mr Panuli said.

The USC candidates also announced that they will continue the open forum for the students on their particular social media accounts.

Edited by Gail Cayetano; Posted by Kathleen Basence


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