DLSU-D CJD Chair Artin Umali opens Kapihan sa CJD

By Jess Calape

Kapihan sa CJD kicks off with the opening remarks of Communication and Journalism Department Chair, Artin Umali, at Cabezas Viewing Room.

The CJD Chair encourages students to be better prepared in facing adversity while pursuing the field of journalism.

Chair Umali said the intent of the event is to highlight safety as a major aspect of journalism as students face risks while on coverage.

“This is our dream as faculty, that our students will pursue this career,” Umali said. “It may not be as glamorous as it seems, but the risks, isasabuhay mo yung risks na yun eh,” he added.

Before and after Umali’s welcome message, videos depicting violence against journalists and the UNESCO advocacy video series 25secondsfor#PressFreedom were presented to emphasize the department’s support to the advocacy for journalism safety.

Umali noted that Kapihan sa CJD is being held in line with the observance of World Press Freedom Day.

Edited by  Al Cabido and Gail Cayetano; Posted by Kathleen Basence


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