Abante columnist Julius Segovia tackles risks faced by journalists at Kapihan sa CJD

By Louise Talabis

Media teacher and Abante Columnist Julius Segovia, well-known as reporter for his former news network GMA, shares about  his field reporter experiences while on coverage of drug raids and tragedies.

Segovia who is in DLSU-D for the CJD Kapihan on Journalism Safety, eagerly shares his insights from his work as  anchor, producer, and reporter of various news networks.

Segovia explained to broadcast journalism students present at the forum the importance of taking into consideration the journalist’s safety vis a vis the gravity of the story.

“No stories are worth dying for. Hindi ikaw ang istorya. Wag kang pumunta dun sa mga area na at risk ang buhay mo (You are not the story. Don’t go to areas that you know will put your life at risk),” Segovia shared.

He pointed out that wearing bulletproof vests and other safety gears are part of broadcasting companies’ protocol to protect their media practitioners.

Segovia also shared video footage of his broadcast news reports on chemical leakages, drug raids, stray bullet killings, and natural catastrophes. He also gave tips in terms when covering political stories such as declining bribes from authorities.

Julius Segovia emphasized the importance of stress debriefing to journalists after covering tragedies since it causes emotional and psychological effects. He also reminded the Broadcast Journalism students in the CJD forum to always be respectful when covering stories, to be sensitive to the emotions of sources, and to prioritize their safety at all times.

Edited by Nicole Cawaling; Posted by Kristine Mahusay


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