4th year students expand Journalism Safety through a game show

By Sherish Sayaman

Journ Alert host Danielle Parena and Kathryn Lepardo starts the show 

In line with Communication and Journalism Department’s advocacy safety campaign, fourth year Broadcast Journalism students conduct a game show at De La Salle University- Dasmariñas’ radio station, 95.9 Green FM.

The said game show was named “Journ Alert” which is a prerequisite for their Development Broadcasting (DevBoard) subject hosted by Danielle Parena and Kathryn Cheryl Lepardo with its Executive Producer, Jhune Abe supervising.

All questions that were asked during the show were about Journalism Safety. They were given multiple choices and time to answer.
In addition, they also played on-air audio clips from experts who gave pieces of advice regarding Journalism Safety.
A radio drama about journalism was also aired which educate the public to know the current situation of journalism safety in the Philippines.

The CJD’s Journalism Safety Campaign will be promoted and applied continuously to strengthen its advocacy and awareness for media practitioners not just in the University but for the whole community as well.

Edited by Al Cabido; Posted by Rad Esguerra


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