USG’s first address receives multiple criticisms

Gomez, Real address student concerns

By Dorothy Aubrey Abejo

Despite joint efforts in addressing student concerns and issues, the much-anticipated State of The University Student Government Address (SUSGA) received diverse criticisms from some members of the Lasallian community.

Some students expressed their disappointment towards the outcome of the first address, where expected issues and concerns weren’t thoroughly discussed.

College of Sciences and Computer Studies Vice Governor Patrick Ledesma questioned University Student Government’s (USG) former Acting President and now Vice President Jason Real about his anticipated speech with the statement filed by the College of Liberal Arts and Communication Student Government’s (CLACSG) last August.  “We are waiting for an explanation or any kind of statement which was not included. Will they release it ever and shed some light about the issue?,” Ledesma asked.

Moreover, Amber Common from the College of Liberal Arts and Communication (CLAC) questioned USG’s basis in pointing out student’s passivity regarding issues that involve the transitory government. “How did [USG] measure the students’ passiveness regarding the positions? What is the assurance that [USG] informed them well enough to label those students as passive?,” Common said.

USG’s Response

On the other hand, USG President Marvy Gomez and Vice President Jason Real exclusively addressed various concerns in the October 18 episode of Tutok Lasalyano.

Real revealed that there was an internal conflict last minute prior to the event, which caused the postponement of his much-awaited speech. When asked about the said conflict, Real opted to not reveal anything as it is something he cannot disclose to the public.

As for his statement about the statement filed by CLAC Student Government (CLACSG) on August, Real admitted that he was hurt when he received the information. When asked why he didn’t release any statement after the controversial post, Real said that he had to consult first their adviser and some authorities. However, he reassured the students to release his speech to the community, after private consultations to USG officers and adviser.

Meanwhile, Gomez exclusively explained her statement regarding student’s passivity in integral issues within the Lasallian community. Gomez stated that they don’t have a concrete measure when it comes to student’s passivity, but she said that they can determine passivity through looking at the number of students engaging in University events.


Despite criticisms, Gomez shared USG’s upcoming projects for the rest of the semester. These include increasing the number of financial scholars, student election on December, and projects that would help in empowering leaders.

“We cannot initiate or state all the projects we have at the moment, because we are already planning if that will be feasible for this academic year, and the criticisms are being used as a steppingstone. For the concrete plans…let us work on the policies and revisions first. Expect that projects will be the next step since USG is now complete,” Gomez stated.


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