Digital entrepreneurship, business strategies featured in PA-TALK 2019

By: Daniella Balili

With the theme “Hustle: Doing Business in the Digital Age,” DLSU-D Alumni Relations and Placement Office (ARPO) spearheaded the much anticipated “Prominent Alumni Talk 2019” (PATALK 2019) on November 11, at the CTHM Salrial Hall.

Distinguished alumni and professionals from different fields shared their expertise and experiences in working in the digital age and raised awareness on digital entrepreneurship, strategizing fast-growing business, and the rebranding process. PLDT Vice President and Deputy Head for Public Affairs Carlo Ople, RNL Food Concepts President Noel Andres, and Prime Insignia Chief Executive Officer Marc Paolo Calalang led the powerhouse set of speakers.

Digital Entrepreneurship

Ople led the discussion on digital entrepreneurship, highlighting the significance of various social media outlets in engaging and forming successful businesses today. Ople urged people to utilize all platforms such as Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, and more as it could give plenty of monetary benefits. “You will put a link and then everyone can click it, and you will earn from it,” he shared.

Strategizing a fast-growing Business

Meanwhile, Andres emphasized strategies on building fast-growing businesses in the digital age. He highlighted the importance of 7 M’s – Mindset Change, Mastery, Model of Business, Mentoring, Money, Machine, and Market Access, as primary strategies in putting up an effective business. Moreover, Andres has also shared his experiences in making it to the corporate world, stating the significance of discipline in order to survive in the industry. “One thing you will learn in corporate, na hindi niyo matututunan ‘pag nagsimula kayo sa business is the discipline, kapag entrepreneur [ka] tulak mo; palo mo. Pero yung may strict discipline ka; sa corporate mo matututunan ‘yun,” he stated.


As for the tactics in rebranding businesses, Calalang spearheaded the talk, reminding people the integral role of time in undergoing the said process. Sharing his strategy in rebranding businesses, Calalang stated that the best time to rebrand comes when entrepreneurs begin to lose their connection to their own market. He also shared that it’s important for aspiring entrepreneurs to have guidelines in rebranding the company. “Branding is also applicable sa company, but [it is] also for ourselves,” he added.




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