LPNFDC showcases dance diversity in Silakbo 2019

By Xander Lauren Cipriano

Various dance groups in Cavite flaunted their synchronized routines in the much-anticipated Dance Series Track 7 organized by the Lasallian Pointes N’ Flexes Dance Company (LPNFDC) at the Ugnayang La Salle on November 18, Monday.

Cavite dancers gathered and showcased their grace and finesse through different dancing styles such as hiphop, ballet, interpretative, and tribal.

In an exclusive interview with LPNFDC President and Project Head Eric Balaoro, he emphasized the primary significance of the event, stating that the project aimed to unite all Cavite homegrown dancers. “The primary aim of the Dance Series, starting from…Dance Series Track 1, is to unite all dancers here in Cavite and as much as possible…not only here in the South but (also) [in] the North, ” Balaoro said.

Meanwhile, various dance groups shared their experience in the said event and expressed their gratitude towards LPNFDC. Dance Factory Director Erica Terry shared that she was nervous before setting her foot on stage, as it has been a while since she performed in a huge crowd in the University. “…We pushed through and just told ourselves to enjoy it. The performance was exhilarating to finish,” Terry said.

On the other hand, Lasallian Patriots Dance Company President LJ Villanueva stated that the dance concert has given him motivation to learn more about the art of dancing. “The variety of performances can guide and enhance dancers of all kinds, including myself, to be inspired in what they do,” he added.

Moreover, guest dancers like GMA-7 artist and LPNFDC alumna Arny Ross and Power Impact Dancers also graced the stage with heated and fierce performances, which amplified the crowd’s hype and energy.


As the event drew closer to its end, the crowd became wilder when Franklin Banogon, boyfriend of Ross for 11 years, proposed to her, in which she replied excitedly with a yes.

Balaoro shared that the planning and preparations for the said surprise were done two weeks prior to the event.

“It [was] really a crucial part especially there are times that we had our rehearsals with Ms. (Ross) and then after, we’ll had our rehearsal with Mr. Frank. Time management had been a big part on the planning of the wedding proposal,” he said.

However, the soon to be wife and husband hasn’t disclosed any further details about the date and venue of the upcoming wedding.


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