No reasons to worry about presence of Chinese students—ULO

Lance Mejico

With the confirmation of the 2019-novel corona virus (n-COV) acute respiratory system case in the country last Thursday, DLSU-D, through its University Linkages Office (ULO), guarantees students’ safety in the campus, despite accepting new 94 Chinese students in January 2020.

In an exclusive dialogue with Green FM, ULO Director Wilson Jacinto assured the community that new Chinese students have undergone medical and physical examination in De La Salle University Medical Center upon their arrival. He added that the recent arrivals have registered and secured a health clearance from the Bureau of Quarantine before entering and engaging into any offices in the University.

14-day incubation period

According to Jacinto, Chinese nationals who have received their health clearances earlier than 14 days were advised to do self-quarantine to complete the two-week incubation and secure another medical certification thereafter. ULO has ordered the said process to guarantee the complete validity of the results, as some patients are asymptomatic or do not  show any symptoms of the disease. “All activities with the January 20 arrivals were adjusted to meet the 14-day period to rule out presence of possible carriers,” Jacinto said.

ULO has also gathered the profile of the new arrivals for surveillance and monitoring of prospective cases. These included the student’s province of origin, airport of origin and layovers, and current residence in Dasmariñas.

Meanwhile, expatriating Chinese students or those who have been enrolled in the two-year graduate program since 2017-2018 were also advised to do self-quarantine for the given period and required to provide medical certificates before having physical engagements within the University.

Coordination with IPCO

On the other hand, Jacinto also stated that various measures will be done in case of a certain Chinese student shows similar symptoms of the 2019 n-COV ARD. ULO will immediately inform DLSUMC Infection Prevention and Control Office (IPCO) to perform the right and medically advised measures. DLSUMC-IPCO is responsible for providing the “decision tool,” which can determine the integral proper interventions to be performed.

Jacinto further clarified that he could guarantee the security of students, faculty, and staff despite having the presence of Chinese nationals in the campus, as DLSU-D has been extremely following preventive measures and necessary protocols. He then advised the community to continue doing preventive practices from trusted sources such as the University Clinic and Department of Health.

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