DLSUMC stops accomodating additional COVID-19 patients

Lance Mejico

De La Salle University Medical Center (DLSUMC) will no longer accommodate additional Corona Virus Disease (COVID-19) patients starting on March 28, 7pm, as available isolations rooms reach maximum capacity.

“With the current situation at our hospital, we will not be able to uphold [the welfare of our confined patients] if we will continue to admit COVID-19 PUIs when designated isolation rooms are fully occupied. We also have other patients to take care of and we want to ensure that we do not compromise their care by exhausting our staff,” the hospital said.

Moreover, DLSUMC assured the public that its emergency rooms will continue to serve emergency patients, whose case is not COVID-19 related. DLSUMC also advises those patients who continuously show mild symptoms of the disease to seek medical care in other health facilities.

Since the confirmation of the pandemic in the country last January, DLSUMC has accommodated 222 Persons Under Investigation (PUI) and admitted 27 of them. The hospital also stated that they are committed to ensuring the safety of its healthcare workers, whereas 17 of them are placed under quarantine, while 2 doctors responded well to treatments.

DLSUMC now joins the roster of hospitals nationwide who recently stopped accepting COVID-19 patients due to the maximum capacity of isolation rooms and workforce availability.


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