CLAC enacts pioneer ordinance

Ordinance garners generally positive feedbacks from program councils, students

Xander Lauren Cipriano

Upholding the University’s commitment to environmental awareness, the College of Liberal Arts and Communication Student Government (CLACSG) has passed Ordinance No. 0001, Series of 2020, or the “Prohibition of Balloon Use and Lantern-Releasing Activity Ordinance” on June 30, marking as the first passed ordinance in the College.

The Ordinance

CLACSG made the announcement on July 4, citing that Governor Charliemagne Asuncion has finally signed the first Ordinance of the CLAC Legislative Council.

Authored by Councilor Nia Masbad, the said ordinance restricts the use of balloons, and lantern-releasing activity on off and on-campus events, spearheaded by affiliated individuals and organizations under the leadership of CLACSG.

“We, the CLACSG Legislative Council challenged ourselves to make an ordinance that will help not only the college but the University…as well. We wanted the CLAC students, councils, and organizations to continue [striving] to be better because staying conscious and informed of what is happening to the environment is an attitude that Lasallians must possess,” Masbad told Green FM.

When asked if the Ordinance will affect the future events of program councils, Masbad explained that it will challenge them to consider the environment during event planning.

“I think we can expect more environment-friendly events from [the councils]. DLSU-D is known to be a green university and this Ordinance proves that we can take actions while promoting environmental awareness,” she added.

Furthermore, she clarifies that while the Ordinance is applied off and on-campus to any CLAC-affiliated individuals and groups, non-CLAC students, councils, and individuals can also be sanctioned with disciplinary measures under the Ordinance if the events are held within the parameters of Julian Felipe Hall (JFH) grounds.

While future coordination of the said Ordinance with other colleges is yet to be planned, Masbad suggested that it would be best if the University Student Government (USG) crafts its own version of the ordinance as they cover a greater reach, being the highest student governing body in the University.

Reactions from program councils

Moreover, the Ordinance has generally received positive feedbacks from different program councils under CLAC.

Broadcast Journalism Program Council Chief Executive Janniel Janer expressed his admiration towards the Ordinance, stating that it is an effort to provide environmental awareness to Liberal Lasallians.

Communication Program Council Chief Executive Deanice Reyes affirms the statement of Janer. “It actually inspired us to be more cautious and be eco-friendly for our future events,” Reyes told Green FM.

Meanwhile, Psychology Program Council Chief Executive Lance Rodriguez said that he was not surprised by the passage of the Ordinance as CLACSG has already been instigating promotions gearing on environmental protection in the past.

Reactions from Liberal Lasallians

While program councils seem to unite with their positive feedbacks on the Ordinance, students, on the other hand, are having mixed responses as soon as CLACSG made the announcement.

Ayene Esternon (PSC12) affirmed that it is about time that an ordinance will prohibit the use of any floating objects. “Alam naman natin kung gaano siya [nakasasama] sa [kapaligiran], and…dapat hindi lang ang mga [cleaning personnel] ‘yung nag-aalaga ng campus natin. Tayo rin,” she emphasized.

In contrast, Isaac Rafio (PHI11) said that while the intention behind the ordinance is understandable, he suggested that there might be a better alternative rather than banning the outright use and releasing of said lanterns.

The ordinance will take effect on July 31, 30 days after its approval, and the publication of its full text.

Check the link for the full text of the ordinance:

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